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Posted on 2008-10-25
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
I have added a button on another form to perform an action. I want to open that form and click the button. Here is the code to open the form but the last line gives me an error. "Reference to a non shared member requires an object reference"

The button on the other form is public.

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        Dim frm As New frmPersons(frmIncidentReport.TblPersonsBindingSource)
        Dim result As DialogResult = frm.ShowDialog
        If result = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then
        End If
        frmPersons.Button2_Click(Nothing, Nothing)     '<<<<< Problem>>>>>
    End Sub
Question by:wiswalld
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Expert Comment

ID: 22802862
you need to reference the object instead of the class name, that would basically solve your problem,
but you really should look into another solution for your problem overall

the code you posted is trying:

creates a new form
shows it blocking the execution and saving that result for later use
you then remove the object from memory
then you have an empty if statement
and now you're trying to click a button on a non existing object, since you disposed of it before hand...

        frm.Button2_Click(Nothing, Nothing) 

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Author Comment

ID: 22802872
I had the if state ment commented out so I just removed it for this post. So the problem is I dispose of the second form before calling the button click?
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Author Comment

ID: 22802883
So how to word this?
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Author Comment

ID: 22802888
Is this because the binding source on frmpersons is set from another form to that binding source?
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Expert Comment

by:Wayne Taylor (webtubbs)
ID: 22802907

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Author Comment

ID: 22802936
Same error. I tried this with a function with same result. I removed the dispose but no luck. Basically what I want to do is copy all the fields from a datagridview to the frmpersons form after I open creating a new record based on an existing record.
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Author Comment

ID: 22802941
Don't think this matters but this is the button click

 Public Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click
        Me.CaseNumberTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(1).Value
        Me.DivisionPrecinctComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(2).Value
        Me.PersonTypeComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(3).Value
        Me.LastNameTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(4).Value
        Me.FirstNameTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(5).Value
        Me.MiddleTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(6).Value
        Me.JrTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(7).Value
        Me.StreetTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(8).Value
        Me.BuildingNumberTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(9).Value
        Me.AptNumberTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(10).Value
        Me.CityComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(11).Value
        Me.StateComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(12).Value
        Me.ZipCodeTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(13).Value
        Me.HomeNumberTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(14).Value
        Me.HomeExtTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(15).Value
        Me.WorkNumberTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(16).Value
        Me.WorkExtTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(17).Value
        Me.SSNTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(18).Value
        Me.DOBComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(19).Value
        Me.AgeFromTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(20).Value
        Me.AgeToTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(21).Value
        Me.AgeTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(22).Value
        Me.SexComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(23).Value
        Me.RaceComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(24).Value
        Me.EthnicityComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(25).Value
        Me.AKALastTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(26).Value
        Me.AKAFirstTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(27).Value
        Me.AKAMiddleTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(28).Value
        Me.AKADOBComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(29).Value
        Me.AKASSNTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(30).Value
        Me.CautionComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(31).Value
        Me.ConditionComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(32).Value
        Me.SkinComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(33).Value
        Me.HeightTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(34).Value
        Me.WeightTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(35).Value
        Me.HairComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(36).Value
        Me.EyesComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(37).Value
        Me.GlassesComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(38).Value
        Me.BuildComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(39).Value
        Me.ReligionComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(40).Value
        Me.MaritalStatusComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(41).Value
        Me.EmployedComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(42).Value
        Me.BeardComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(43).Value
        Me.MoustacheComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(44).Value
        Me.OccupationTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(45).Value
        Me.POBTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(46).Value
        Me.USCitizenComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(47).Value
        Me.EducationTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(48).Value
        Me.ResidenceStatusComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(49).Value
        Me.EmployerNameTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(50).Value
        Me.EmployerStreetTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(51).Value
        Me.EmployerBuildingNoTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(52).Value
        Me.EmployerAptNoTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(53).Value
        Me.EmployerCityTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(54).Value
        Me.EmployerStateTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(55).Value
        Me.EmployerZipCodeTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(56).Value
        Me.PictureTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(57).Value
        Me.PictureDateComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(58).Value
        Me.PictureTimeTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(59).Value
        Me.ScarsComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(60).Value
        Me.MarksComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(61).Value
        Me.TattoosComboBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(62).Value
        Me.DescriptionTextBox.Text = frmAddPersonsSearchMatch.TblPersonsDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells(63).Value
    End Sub

Accepted Solution

_Choggo_ earned 500 total points
ID: 22802945
if you dispose it, it means you won't be using it anymore, so you should dispose it after you are actually done with the object, after the button click

if you want o access the button's method by class name you should use Shared as well, no just public

if you do frm.Button2_Click since you made the method public, it should work...


Expert Comment

ID: 22802952
You could also use webtubbs's suggestion, make the button public then through the form's object access frm and not frmPersons
LVL 13

Author Comment

ID: 22802974
I see what the problem. I was calling frmpersons.button2_Click not frm.button2_Click

You got it Choggo. I did not see that.


Expert Comment

ID: 22802986
glad to be of assistance

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