How would I create vlans on a powerconnect 5324 and route individual IP's to it

There are two parts here.  Is this the right solution and if so, how to do it.  We have 10 seperate networks on our premises. I am setting up approximately 200 users to have remote access to these networks. Each of the 200 users must access only one of the internal networks. Each user can have a static IP or an IP in a particular range. My ISP is positioning a dedicated CISCO Router and a 1MB data line at our premises through which the remote users will access us, and which will then be connected to our PowerConnect 5324. I considered setting up 10 vlans on the PowerConnect and having each vlan part of each of the 10 internal networks.  Then using the Powerconnect to route each user or group of users to the required vlan / network by thier IP numbers. Having not worked with Powerconencts before, I would appreciate advice on the feasability of this scenario and a practical "how to" if this is the best way.
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There is no way to do what you want with just a Dell 5324 switch.

You're going to need a decent router/firewall device with policy-based routing.
Look into the Cisco ASA5500 series.

How many public IPs is your ISP giving you?
When you say 'remote access', what do you mean? RDP? VPN?
Remote access to what? Their desktop? Server?
PNRTAuthor Commented:
The proposed network is an APN.  So whilst not public IP's, one per user if necessary or in predefined ranges.  When I say remote access I mean access to one of the networks.  Not to a desktop or a server, but to one of the 10 networks.  Whilst I understand your point about the router / firewall, I was given to understand that the 5324 could route intelligently by IP.  This was the point of my question.  If this is not the case, would you then suggest routing via a policy based device to vlan's on the Dell 5324?  If not how do I get over the physical level restictions of the 10 seperate networks?    
To my knowledge, the Dell 5324 has no policy-based routing capabilities.
I would suggest adding a router (maybe Cisco 1800 series) to route the traffic to the appropriate VLANs on the 5324.
PNRTAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for the input K.  I think we've established that the 5 series cant route.   But if we have a seperate routing arrangement before the 5324, either a router or perhaps a linux box / firewall, are we able to route to the 5324 with a single connection?  In other words, are we were to route to the vlans on the 5324 with one physical connection - is that possible? or do we need a routing device that has multiple outputs to the vlans?   I've been through the 5324 documentation but it doesnt seem very clear on this and I'm still trying to see if we can utilise it in this sceanario.  
Yes, a single connection from a router to the 5324 will work fine.

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