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I am looking at Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8.0 I cannot find out licensing details. There is also a management version for centralised management. Does anyone use theseporducts? Successully? Whjat would I need to protect 10 servers in terms of licenses and Products? All windows 2003 servers. What sort of HDD space is required?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Paul SolovyovskyConnect With a Mentor Senior IT AdvisorCommented:
The large servers are usually not an issue because you can setup the full backups on the weekends and the incrementals during the day or night (one time or multiple).  A network share works best, make sure you have a gigabit network card in each server and you can usually get 1.5-2 gigabytes of compressed data (if you're using compression) through the pipe since you're splitting the read and write on the source and destination.  

Make sure you stagger the backups so that your destination doesn't become taxed from imaging from multiple machines at the same time.  I normally setup a server with SATA drives or SATA NAS and a tape backup on it.  Since the images are constantly changing and writing to them is only done on a regular basis SATA works fine, but I backup the images to tape as well just inc case of full DR requirements.

If you are getting a NAS I would pick one with Microsoft storage server OS, some linux based NAS units that present NTFS partitions do not work with BESR because it is looking for native ntfs share.
It is still a lot easier to restore an image flat file and then restore a full server than using tape directly.

If you have any other questions let me know.  You can also do a nice test of your servers by setting up a VMWare ESXi server (free) on a decent size box and vmware convert the images directly to virtual machines.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
The new version is 8.5 and is basically the same as 8.0 but with several new features.  The product works great and we use it for DR in physical environments and small scale virtual environemnts (image virtual machines and have capability to restore to physical or virtual)

You will need 10 licenses to protect 10 servers but Symantec just came out with a bundle pack (starts with 5 licenses) and includes all the additional features such as GRO (granular recovery of files).  Also included in the bundle is manager for centralized management as well exchange GRO that allows you to restore individual emails from the image by going into the edb and pulling out mailboxes.  The licensing for the bundle is very good and is cheaper than buying individual licenses.

Storage requirements depend on what type of backup schedule you want.  I normally setup a full on weekends and incrementals during the days of the week.  The incrementals are bit level and don't take much room, normally compression is about 2:1 and allows you to do multiple incremental images during the day.  To save space you can rollup the incrementals every 4 or 12 hours.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know.  I've been using the product for a few years with very good success with it.

leegclystvaleAuthor Commented:
Thanks Paul. Some great info you've provided.  I am running a couple of SQL servers, exch2003 soon 2007, Sharepoint 2003 soon MOSS 2007,  a few client machines are backed up, so you're saying for 10 servers I need one license each at £800 per server edition? Do I need to purchase the Management edition as well as the 10m licenses at £1100? Do I need SQL, Sharepoint and exchaneg agents as such?
I have lloked fo bundles of the server edition and I can't any and it's £800 per server from what I c an see.
Can you help anymore with this. I'd appreciate it.
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Symantec now offers bundle, we've been selling 5 packs which include the management console, exchange, and GRO.  There may be a 10 pack as well but I would check with your sales rep.  There are no agents, you can use the product to image the servers, the added management, GRO/Exchange modules just give you more options.

If you purcahse the licenses separately the management console is extra as well as the exchange and gro module (these are not neccessary you will still be able to backup the exchange server just fine but it gives you capability to restore mailboxes to PST files quickly without going to tape and other backup methods).

It's called a starter kit, part number is 13578558 and includes one year of upgrades. Not sure if there is a 10 license starter kit but it's worth a shot to look around

It should be cheaper than the price quoted but that should point in the right direction.

The management console and the other modules are convinient but are not essential.  If you setup the notfication on each of the 10 servers you should be able to manage it per server.  The management console is nice but we have customers that choose not to purchase it.

BESR support all the servers you listed because it uses VSS and also compatible with Windows Server 2008.   To image workstation the desktop product runs about $50-70 each.

leegclystvaleAuthor Commented:
Brilliant Paul. Thanks. Last questions I hope :o) Is this a feasible solution for a few servers that have 200-300gb of data on them? Where would be best to store these images? On a 2nd raid pack on the same machine? A network share? Just concerned with bandwidth utilisation and server specs.
Many thanks
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
check this out, looks like a decent deal.  I'm still not sure how they would license 10,21&InMerch=1
leegclystvaleAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for your help Paul
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