XMLhttp.responseXML contains different data than XMLhttp.responseText after replaceChild

I am try to create a page that allows users to view XML data, edit the data, and save it. I am using javascript to do most of it, and PHP to save. I have it working for the most part. I get the edited information, and use replaceChild to update the database. I want to then pass this new XML to PHP to save it on the server. I use XMLhttp.responseText to get the text version of the XML to pass to PHP. But when I display teh responseText, it is the old data. When i look at the responseXML using firebug, it is updated with the new data. Why doesn't responseText update with responseXML? The server is on a Debian Linux system. I have tried this script on both Linux and windows using firefox and IE, both react the same way. should responseText update when responseXML changes? Or do I need to do something to get it updated?
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If you want the string version, can you not do this:

var responseText = responseXML.toString();
I have a feeling that the above will display something like "object Element".

The following works in IE...I am trying to find a firefox compatible solution
var responseText = responseXML.documentElement.xml;
This should do the trick...
var responseText = responseXML.documentElement.xml; // IE
if (!responseText) { // FF, Chrome, Safari
   var s = new XMLSerializer();
   responseText = s.serializeToString(responseXML.documentElement);
if (!responseText) {
    // Error, not supported.

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steinermannAuthor Commented:
Thank you. That worked perfect. I can't beleive I missed that. Any idea why xmlhttp.responseText and xmlhttp.responseXML were not the same?
From what I have read on the subject, generally responseText is available when the returned content is "text/plain" and responseXML when the returned content is "text/xml" or "application/xml". Of course you can convert between the two if you are happy that the information is actually XML.

If your using the Prototype framework, then responseJSON is available when the content is "application/json". (http://www.prototypejs.org) I often use this instead of XML because it is faster to parse at the client. If you are interested in JSON, there is a lot of information available at the prototype website.
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