Cannot get the function "OpenService" to return a valid handle

Hi All,

I cannot get the OpenService function to return a valid file handle (returns 0).

Below is some code which illustrates the point and is self explanatory.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I am using Borland Delphi 2005 on a XP Professional SP2 PC.

Thanks in advance.


  hdlOpenService : SC_Handle;
  ServStat : TServiceStatus;
  dwStatus : DWORD;
  dwStatus := DWORD (-1);

  hdlOpenSCManager := OpenSCManager (Nil, Nil, SC_MANAGER_ALL_ACCESS);

  if (hdlOpenSCManager > 0) then
      hdlOpenService := OpenService(hdlOpenSCManager, PChar('Windows Management Instrumentation'), SC_MANAGER_ALL_ACCESS);

  if hdlOpenService = 0 then

  // hdlOpenService always equals zero despite the fact the the service is both installed and running. Other services I have tested have given me the same result.

  // The error message is; "The specified service does not exist as an installed service"
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systemsgoAuthor Commented:
Well, it appears that it isn't the display name of the service I should be using but the short version stored in the registry - well you learn something new everyday.

The working code is;

function ServiceGetStatus(sMachine, sService : string ) : DWORD;
  hdlOpenService : SC_Handle;
  ServStat : TServiceStatus;
  Result := DWORD (-1);

  hdlOpenSCManager := OpenSCManager(Nil, Nil, SC_MANAGER_ALL_ACCESS);

  if hdlOpenSCManager = 0 then

  hdlOpenService := OpenService(hdlOpenSCManager, PChar(sService), SC_MANAGER_ALL_ACCESS);

  if hdlOpenService = 0 then

  if QueryServiceStatus(hdlOpenService, ServStat) then
    Result := ServStat.dwCurrentState;


So all the points go to me LOL.

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