Unable to capture video from sony hdd camcorder

I am not able to capture video from my sony hard disk drive model (dcr-sr46). I have gone to sony's site for drivers but when I click the driver link it sends me to picture package and the download is a .exe file.
this is the web link for the driver i went to.
I have purchased the quick time pro package to make sure I had mpeg 2. and I also downloaded the
Mpeg2 works 4 download. That program is actually the only way I can view video. I can't even view with quicktime pro.( that is view video downloaded from my camcorder) I can download videos from the internet and view with no problems.
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oriontala1Author Commented:
So sorry to tell you this, but you only have two choices.

You bought an AVCHD Camera.

I've worked with SONY AVCHD from a Similar Camera,

It is only supported on Final Cut Pro 6.0.3 or higher, using Log-and-Transfer, Only on INTEL Based Macs.

It will take your AVCHD footage and convert it into ProRES 422. In order for Final Cut Pro Log and Transfer to work you'll also need to disable "Perian" swiss army Knife tool in system preferences.

Your other option is to use Windows and convert AVCHD into MPEG-2 and use Sony Vegas to edit the footage.

Final Cut Express May or May not support it. But It's 100% not supported on Non-Intel MAC OS. Or Pre ProRes422 Final Cut.

You'll need the AVCHD folder from your camera mounted via USB like a harddrive.
and trip Log and Transfer in final cut.

Sorry, scratch that,  TRY  using  mpeg-stream clip from Squared5 software to convert your
MPEG-2 Trasport Stream HDD cam recordings  to  something FCP can use.

Here is the link (I Though your camera was AVCHD)


Flip it into DV25
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oriontala1Author Commented:
I am a little confused now. Is my camera an AVCHD Camera?
which solution should I use? the second one? should I use the following solution:
TRY  using  mpeg-stream clip from Squared5 software to convert your
MPEG-2 Trasport Stream HDD cam recordings  to  something FCP can use. http://www.squared5.com/ 
The second one.
Your CAM records MPEG-2 Transport Streams, the files you can get off it you can transfer into something Final Cut can use for Editing via MpegStreamclip in to DV or DV-25
you can the drag those into your timeline.

Sorry I mistyped the model number assuming its AVCHD in error.

oriontala1Author Commented:
do i have to have mpeg-2 download from apple then? I have quick time pro, I thought when i purchased that it would give me mpeg-2 capablilities. I downloaded Mpegsteam from the site but it gave the following message:

The apple quicktime mpeg-2 playback  component is not installed

You will miss the two most important features of MPEG Streamclip:
- you won't be able to play MPEG-2 files and transport streams;
- you won't be able to convert MPEG-2 files and transport streams to QuickTime, DV, AVI.

and I try and download movies from the camera now it just shows a sliderbar moving across no image.

oriontala1Author Commented:
I downloaded the quicktime plugin for mpeg-2 from the apple site. I am able to watch the videos as well as open them up in final cut express now but i have no sound?
I first install the plugin for 6.3 and that didn't work so I the installed for quicktime 6.4 and later and intel mac's and that worked but as i said no sound
Could you download and install MPEG Stream Clip. Take the file and convert it into DV Codec? The sound is in a AC-3 stream. You will need to Demultiplex this stream into audio and video. Easiest thing to do is convert it via Mpeg Stream Clip.
Here is a detailed Guide:
You can ignore the import/firewire part and move on to converting

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It's not going to download the files for you, copy them over, then open them with streamclip from the harddrive. This is a 99% guaranteed solution.
You need to have Quicktime PRO, You should have it free of charge with your Final Cut installation. If not, make it PRO and Upgrade it to 7.x
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