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How long to initialize HP MediaSmart EX475 discs on install

The initialize of Windows Home Server has been running for about 16 hours. All the drive bars are purple and the health light is solid purple.

I have replaced the two 500gb drives that came with the server for 4 750gb drives.
I ran the server recovery and it finished normally. I have the connector installed (had to use hosts) and the server is found.
I am installing the rest of the first computer on a Vista Ultimate 32bit, dual AMD, 2gb ram and the intiialze has been running a long time.

I assume because I increased the size of the drives and put 4 drives in that it would take longer but is 16 hours with no sign of movement reasonable?

Any help or discussion would be gratefully received as there is a great lack of info on the web (that I can find) so far. The forum has been moved and I cannot get it to come up.

So, is the time reasonable?
Have I shot myself in the foot by replacing the system drive with a larger one?
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1 Solution
It can take a long time to initialize all those hard drives. HP states this in the following article:
"The Windows Home Server initialization begins and can take several hours depending on your hardware"
This is most likely due to the drive redundancy technology built into Windows Home Server.
I did not find any time specific information about how long it will take for those drives to initialize, but i did find the following from apple:
I sure hope it does not take 70 hours as it may on their systems.
I hope this helps. Good :Luck.
LiefrAuthor Commented:
Andrew_aj1, wow, I am glad I only have 4 drives ... maybe only 40 hrs ;)
btw, thanks for responding to my question.
I notice now that I have two media server icons in my netwrok places; one ia a web page server by the media server (basically an ad) and the other is for the server and I get a login dialog.
This was mentioned in the help and they say to use 'Administrator' and no password but that is rejected.
I expect it is because I haven't got to the place where I can setup a password yet.
Have you done these before?
I think it is this initialize process that turns the drive lights to blue and that will be my clue that it is ready to go on.
I look in task manager and there is no cpu being used by any WHS application. I am using 1 - 3% and about half memory.. It is like it isn't doing anything.
I have ZoneAlarm suite and the WHS progs have trusted permissions.. I tried stopping ZA but it had no effect that I could see.
Wait, I guess.
I have only installed WHS once, but what your describing sounds correct. You just need to wait. You do not need much processing power to initialize the hard drives; it is just a long process due to the size of the drives and the redundancy that WHS provides.
Wait it out and everything should be good for you.
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LiefrAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your encouragement.
Waiting here ...
I will let you know and maybe we can get a baseline for someone else.
I would not recommend that you stare at it all day. It could be a while.
LiefrAuthor Commented:
point taken, since it has been 20hrs so far ... maybe only 20 to go ;)
I am glad I am not using my current daily machine as the first because I dare not risk a failure or requirement to reboot until this is done.
waiting ... and not looking
LiefrAuthor Commented:
OK, it has been 52.5 hours and I now have a media server icon in the system tray.
It was red and I right-clicked on it and the 'display network health.. ' was checked.
I unchecked it and the icon turned green and gave me achance to logon to the server. I had to change the password to be the same as my Vista logon in order to know what it is.
I logged on the home server abd now I have a blank stell blue window for 15 minutes or so.
still waiting but watching now ...
I hadn't checked it for several hours and I was walking by the computer room and heard a loud 'click' ... I looked a minute or so later and there the icon was ....

more to follow, when more is known
comments solicited
Hopefully its almost done. I have my fingers crossed for you; it has been quite long. You will be rewarded in the end with some decent redundancy for your files in case anything happens.
LiefrAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I am sure it is helping.
So far it seems to be very slow to do anything. I know it only has 512 RAM and a 1.8mhz processor but geez...
2.5 hours since my last post and it has progressed to an error message when I try the major shares like videos and  photos and IE gives me a 'cannot display the  webpage'  when I try the webshares. It does acknowlege the server is there (good) but you can't do anything with it yet (bad)...
still waiting and checking back every couple of hours ... maybe in the morning I will have a happy surprise.
I wonder if it can release memory (server 2003 is a pretty good OS) ... oh well, glass half full, glass half full ...
At least your past the initializing process; which was your issue to begin with.
LiefrAuthor Commented:
Ok, Andrew_aj1 ... thanks for hanging in with me. I'll post again if it melts down.
LiefrAuthor Commented:
So, the end of the story (this chapter anyway).
About 2:35 am (60.5 hrs into the initialization) I was wakened by the beeps of my UPS .. a power failure.
I pressed once on the media server on/off button and it shut itself down gently. I turned off the other computers and went back to bed.
When I got back in the fight (about 6am) I powered the media server and the vista machine and lo and behold, the systray icon was blue and the media server lights were all blue.
I speculate now that as soon as I got the icon in the system tray (about 52.5 hrs in) a gentle shutdown and restart would have speeded the process along significantly.
Anyway, now I am in the learning process about configuring the media center... fun fun fun
thanks again for the support.

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