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How do I stop print jobs from getting stuck in que?

I have uninstalled (last time, level 3) and reinstalled the printer driver at least 6 times.  I have also cleaned out the que using several different methods.  Shutting down and restarting the spooler in services (sometimes have to do it 3 times), cleaning out the spooler/print files and  also used HP Printer diagnostic program.  HP techs have given up, so I'm desparately looking for help.  It's my daughter business and she needs the printer to work all the time, not just once in awhile.
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1 Solution
Hi there;
Not only your printer but also It seems HP all-in-ones have this problem...

i got the XP solution sadly...Adapt it to Vista and inform me!



Stop the spooler service in services:

Option 1)
Click on start orb
Type in search window:
click ok
Scroll down to Print spooler service and click on it in the right side
On the left side click stop the service and wait forthe process to
Do not close the window yet. You will have to restart it here later.
next delete the print job in the printer queue
then restart the spooler service
Resubmit your new print job.

Option 2)
If that doesn't clear it, the next step would be to stop the spooler
service as stated above
Go into windows explorer
(Print job data is collected and stored in a spool file in the spooler

It is located in:

Your print job will show 2 files there Example below:

Delete the files located in there. There may be several of them
depending apon how many print jobs you submitted. You will have to
resubmit your print jobs all over again.
Next go back to services window and restart the spooler service

That should fix it...

Best regards...
Court2Author Commented:
Thanks for the prompt response, but I've already tried that several times with no luck.
all steps?
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Court2Author Commented:
Yes, all steps.  It may clean out the que and I can print a few jobs again, but then a job gets stuck again and I have to go through everything again.   Very, very seldom will cancelling one or all work on the que window.  
Hi there again;
Sorry for long post:

Install  "HP OfficeJet Pro Basic Feature Software/Driver 8.0.1" and this issue went away. You can download this at: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareList?os=228&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&product=2512010&lang=en.

You have to make sure you completely uninstall any other versions of the software. There is also an uninstall utility at the above site. I can no longer scan to the PC but can put a CF or SD card in the printer and scan to that.

If first fails:
It could be problem with the Firewall or antivirus also, they are somehow blocking this service and making the CPU usage high.

Make a proper firewall exception entries or disable them and try to realize the problem.

svchost is the core service or Windows and -k HPService" is the just the argument of that service.
try the following:
1) Navigate to control panel
2) Administative tools / services
3) Search for service "HP Network Devices Support" . Service name is HPSLPSVC
4) Edit this service and set to "manual".
CPU utilization should be drop down.

BTW what is the connection from your laptop/desktop going to the printer is it through a wireless connection or wired connection(infrastructure/adhoc)?

If the port connection to the printer was made by creating a "Standard TCP/IP Port". When you create a new port using the "HP Standard TCP/IP Port" for the printer, the CPU resource usage came down to normal.

So, the problem may be solved by ensuring that the port setting for the printer is created using the HP Standard TCP/IP Port, ranther than the Standard TCP/IP Port provided by Microsoft.

If not solved:

Go to Start > Run > type in "services.msc
Scroll down and right click on "HP Network Device Support" service.
In the Startup pulldown menu, change "Automatic" to "Manual"
Click Apply and close
Restart computer ... everything worked correctly and CPU usage was back to normal

The official HP answer is:
To resolve this issue I recommend you to perform the steps below.

1) Download the Microsoft patch.
2) Disable HP Network Device Support.
3) Stop the service Windows Image Acquisition.

Solution 1)
I would like to inform you that Microsoft released a patch which resolved in many cases. I am providing you the patch. Please download the patch and run it.

Here is the link:


NOTE : Copy the complete URL starting from "http" to "927891". Please copy the complete website and press "Enter".
Now please try to check whether issue resolved. If the issue I request you to follw the steps as I mentioned below.

Solution 2:
Please try to disable "HP Network Device Support" service in Services window.

1. Click Start --> Run.
2. In the Run dialog box, type "services.msc" and press OK.
3. In the opened Services window, search for "HP Network Device Support".
4. Right click on "HP Network Device Support" service and select Properties.
5. In the "Startup" type, select change to "Manual" from "Automactic".
6. And press Apply & OK

After performing the steps, please restart the computer.

Solution 3)
Stop the service Windows Image Acquisition by follwing steps.

1) Click on Start.
2) Click on Run command.
3) Type services.msc and press enter.
4) Locate and right click the WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) service.
5) Select stop.

Best regards...

Court2Author Commented:
I won't be able to try your suggested solutions until tomorrow, but will let you know then if they work.  Thanks for the info.

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