how to check and protect sendmail server not to generate the spams?

I am using sendmail server on RHEL5 and facing spam issues. My IP is blocked by CBL - Spamhaus.
Please suggest how can i check first of all that spams are not being generated from my sendmail server and secondly how can i configure spam filters not to alllow spam from and to this machine?
Please mention some links that can help me to implement spam filters on sendmail.

I am desperately waiting for this question's reply.

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Hugh FraserConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
How you react depends upon what kind of spam source you've been identified as . If you are flagged as a spam relay, other hosts on the Internet are sending mail to the Internet through your server to avoid being blocked. To correct it, see the sendmail document on anit-spam at:

If you are identified as the source of spam, you'll need to start with log files to see where the bulk of the mail is coming from. You will need to check the mail log files on the mail server. If you have a separate firewall, check its log files as well, since spam mail doesn't have to come from your mail server (it may be an infected PC). AV software and firewalls on the clients help with this.
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