How to measure total number of internal and SMTP messages received and sent in Exchange 2003?

I am running Exchange 2003 on a Windows server 2003 server. I am attempting to prepare reports to my management which include certain metrics concerning our mail usage. I have looked, and I can't figure out how to find measurements of the following statistics:

1. Total number of SMTP messages received from the internet.
2. Total number of SMTP messages sent to the internet.
3. Total number of messages sent inside my Exchange organization among local users.

I'm guessing that this can be done with various tools and settings within Exchange, but I'm not sure. Maybe Exchange can't do this on its own.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Exchange has detailed logging capabilities and you could write your own program to read the logs and give you these numbers.  I had to do it a while back for a customer but it wasn't exactly what you're looking for.

I found your other post where you asked the same question and since you've posted this question again I assume that the same criteria doesn't really fit.  For example, in this post you don't mention that you're looking for a low cost or free solution or something under $50 so I'm going to assume that this is no longer a factor.

Look at this:

If cost is still a factor and since this is the second time I noticed this post, please ensure you are more complete in your posting so people have better information to help you with.

The post I'm referring to is located here:

Hope this one will do it for you.  Otherwise, please be very specific in exactly what you're looking for to allow the community to assist you better.

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Do you want an end of day report on the stats? or do you wanna log the data and present it graphically?
hpcadminAuthor Commented:
Itxda, Thank you for noticing my other post. In the other one, I am looking for a fully featured off-the-shelf solution that primarily involves me installing the tool, running a report, and it gives me loads of stats, charts, and reports.

However, I realized that this tool might not exist. Next, I decided to ask the current question. In this question, I am only asking about how to find one statistic- total message volume. And in this question, I am asking about how to do this directly with Microsoft tools.

But, I agree that the language I use in both questions are not clearly mutually exclusive. I'll do better next time. So here is overall what I need:

1. A pre-packaged tool, that can report on all Exchange statistics. (My first question here:

Failing that...

2. How do I configure Exchange to give me what I'm looking for, using only tools within Exchange/Windows. (The question we are discussing on this page.)

Pistolslaper, I would love to present graphical data. But I could settle for just the statistics.


Hi, I dont think what i had in mind is for you. I use MRTG to produce graphs for some stats on my exchange server. I find them useful sometimes when your troubleshooting complaints regarding performance.

The installation of MRTG isn't as easy as clicking next next next next a bunch of times but its not rocket science.

Check it out at . Its very versatile and has alot of support.. Its not just for monitoring bandwidth, it can be used to do way more... I would be happy to help you if you are interested.

Check this out and see if it'll fit your needs.  It provides you with reporting capabilities at different levels which include Protocol and Connectors which might meet your need of tracking incoming and outgoing mail as well as internal messaging.  You might want to send them an e-mail.  I was going to call for you but they aren't in the US and I am.  :)
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