how to login to multiple system after giving password once ?

I need to add my public key to authorized_keys in 1000 machines, and going individual to each machine is very tedious.
Is there a way or any tools which help me to type my password once and let me login automatically.

like: for i in $(cat machinelist); do autopassword ssh $i "top"; done

where autopassword is tool which will supply "yes" to host authentication and password to "n-1" host after typing my password only once(first host) ?
Can I have some tool/tick to achieve this environment ?
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we use power broker tool, which is very nice and user frendly..

please verify bellow:
Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Expect is a good tool to.
Setting up Kerberos domain or LDAP directory will be of help when you get more machines.
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