Verizon Business FiOS with static IP using Cisco 1841 router

First of all I want to say I know nothing of Cisco IOS, nor have access to the router itself. Now here is a brief summary of the issue and steps taken so far.

Trying to link balance a T-1 (primary as of now) and FiOS business connection using a Cisco 1841 router.

ATT T-1 1.5Mbit through a T1 card plugged to a Cisco 1841 router
Verizon FiOS 20/20Mbit with 5 static IPs. 1 currently used for the router.

Automatic Settings for connection (full duplex) and MTU (1500).
Plugging in the FiOS connection from the ONT to the supplied Verizon Westell router, or a LinkSys router, or to a PC configured with the static IP address gets me blazing fast uploads/downloads.

Trying to implement Optimized Edge Routing, 2 internal static IPs are setup to use FiOS as outbound connectivity.

Download speeds are blazing fast
Upload speeds are almost non existant, like 80Kb.
Speed tests using any site like fail to even initiate the upload.

Our Cisco expert swears there is nothing on the router that blocks or interferes with the connection.
He removed anything redundant at one point.
He belives it's the MTU settings.
We tried playing around with different numbers, including 1492 and went down very low.
Set TCP MSS Adjust to 1452 on the inside interface.
used the following articles as guides:,15240020

We contacted Verizon FiOS support, but they are clueless and insist the problem is on our side, but can not provide us with the MTU settings for getting this to work. I am actually shocked they expect us to use a home router for business grade FiOS!

I asked our Cisco expert for a copy of the config file, without passwords or identifying info, hopefully he will send it over later.

Looking for some clues that would clear this up.

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BrainstormerAuthor Commented:
Ass promised here is the Cisco router "heavily modified" for security reasons configuration file.

To all Cisco gurus, please help!
BrainstormerAuthor Commented:
Darn IE 8, the upload did not work until I turned on compatibility view. Anyways, here is the config file.

BrainstormerAuthor Commented:
to recap the problem, all uploads when connected to the Cisco router are going through a severe bottleneck, down to 20-30kbps out of 20mbps. Downloads work perfectly. Speed tests never complete on the upload part on all Flash sites. Java based test speeds report 20-30kbps.
Argonne National Lab NDT server at reports packed queueing on the C2S test.
Everything works perfectly with the supplied vendor router, a basic Linksys router or when a laptop is configured with public static ip info.
Did you ever get this to work?  I'm interested in doing the same thing.  Thanks.
BrainstormerAuthor Commented:
Yes, but not via the 1841 router. We ended up purchasing a Cisco ASA 5510 firewall. Speeds are so far 20/20 as advertised, but the firewall is not in production yet. I will post soon.

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