How to restore desktop from blue screen after logon using windows xp pro , no start button or icons

Dell optiplex 330 using Windows XP Pro with SP2 installled.After logon system shows blue screen only- no taskbar start button or icons. Safe mode dispay is also blank, mouse cursor does work. When attemping to recover using Dell recovery software error message (0XOOOOOO7B 0XF78D2524,0XC00000034,OXOOOOOOOO, 0X00000000)
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
When booting up the computer have you tried to press F8 to go to the advance boot menu. From there select "Last Known Good Configuration". If that doesn't work have you tried to do a repair install for Windows?
Jerdermorat--"After logon system shows blue screen only- no taskbar start button or icons. "  Do you mean you get to Desktop showing wallpaper, or is this the famous BSOD?
If the former,
what happens when you click CONTROL+ALT+Delete?  If you reach Task Manager, click File|New Task and start explorer.exe  or
can you boot using boot disk and have a look at the Registry key here

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JerdermoratAuthor Commented:
When I go to task manager and select new task and start explorer.exe. Error windows can not find explorer.exe. I select browse Windows I can see explorer.exe. I attempted to install a fresh OEM Windows XP Pro with SP2 and i get a bsod. I cannot input from any device USB, DVD, CD or Floppy. I have replaced the motherboard, DVD, power supply, memory and hard drive. All with the same bsod.
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Jerdermorat--If you can access the registry, did you try the suggestion in  ?
JerdermoratAuthor Commented:
jcimarron--why would it matter if the explorer.exe or iexplorer.exe are corrupted when I am trying to install a fresh copy of XP Pro SP2 onto a new hard drive with a Microsoft OEM Software? I boot using the CD and before I get to the screen where you would press F8 to agree I get BSOD. This is using a new HD, RAM, Mother board, IDE CD-ROM or External CD-ROM via USB the only thing that I haven't changed is the CPU because I don't have a spare.  Its almost a new computer. I ran a hardware diagnostic and all passed and I have also used different XP CD's all with the same result. I will reinstall the original HD that had the virus problem (Anti-Virus XP 2008) that I have scanned using both, Symantec Corp. 10.1 and Avira Antivr premium 8, and try to fix the explorer.exe.

Jerdermorat--Your question was "How to restore desktop from blue screen after logon ".  There was no info that you were booting from a boot disk with the intention of installing the OS.
Regrets.  I am sure someoneelse will try to help.
P.S.  The link I provided is not to fix a corrupted file, but rather to remove a setting that blocks it.  But your problem, now explained, is not concerned with iexplore.exe.
JerdermoratAuthor Commented:
Using the information from this link:
I was able to restore the desktop. I am still unable to complete a fresh install but I will leave that for another post.

Thanks,  jcimarron
Jerdermorat--You are welcome!!
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