Terminal Service License issue

I have a Windows 2003 server running terminal services. It has 25 User CALs License installed. The server is running in User Mode already. We have started to use all the license up so we've purchased another 10 user CALS. I've installed the licenses and everything looks fine i.e the license server is seeing the new 10 CALS.

The issues is, we still only can only get 25 users logged on. it looks like the server is not issuing the new CALS.

The Terminal Service is the License server, the server is Windows 2003 Standard, and it is a member Server.
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darkjedi213Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check your TS settings to make sure someone didn't prematurely set the max number of logged on sessions to 25.
Have you rebooted the license server or even the DC?
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Paul8182Author Commented:
Yes I've reboot the server, but none of the DC's
I would use that as the next step. Unless someone knows something else.

sorry I messed up the troubleshooting guide

(I was reading the other own for me self)

m   a   r c
Paul8182Author Commented:
cheers, yup set at 25, looked everywhere apart from there.

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