User Input Parameter for SQL Query

I need to create a very simple query.  I would like to return all the data from one table for a specific item.  I want the user to be prompted to enter the item id.  Below is an example of the query without letting my user enter the item.

Select * from inventory
where inventory.item_id = 'AQUA-12345'

I just want this to be generic so my user is prompted to enter the item they are looking for.
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I am assuming SQL 2000 based upon the tags.

You would pass a parameter in to a procedure.

create procedure up_inventory_get
 @item_ID varchar(30)
select * from inventory
where item_id = @item_id

to call it:

exec up_inventory_get @item_ID = 'AQUA-12345'
from where do you run the query?

basically, you need to prompt to the user and get the input, and then bind the parameter in the below query

Select * from inventory
where item_id = ?

RDB1369Author Commented:
This is exactly what I have done so far, and yes you are right I am working in SQL 2000.  
However, I really wanted my user to be able to just exec the stored procedure and be asked the question  "Enter Item",   Is this possible?
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RDB1369Author Commented:
I am sorry I did not see the second comment when I posted my response.  I have written a procedure like Brandon suggested and I can use that, but I wanted to just have my user type in
          Exec Up_inventory_get
and then the first part of the procedure would prompt my user to enter the correct item ID.
i don't think you can do that since stored procedure is server-side object,

what you may do is to create a .bat (if it's in windows environment) or a shell script to achieve that
I think it's time to close this question up.

You said you used a procedure like http:#22815829 and I answered your question about prompting for input in http:#22815907

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RDB1369Author Commented:
I guess this is as good as it gets
Why the B grade?  Unfortunately, you can't do what it is you are asking to do.  I answered your question completely and accurately.

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