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I look after a small organisation with 30 workstations in an SBS 2003 domain. Each of the workstations is new and based around the Gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2l motherboards. None have CD or floppy drives.

I need to be able to re-image these workstations on a regular basis. As they don't have an internal CD, they will have to get the image from the network via a network boot floppy. At present, I use an external floppy drive to boot from.

I have Googled for a solution for this but all the popular boot disks require either to include the NIC driver in the boot floppy or to install a known NIC in the PC (which would not be practical in my case)

My problem is that I can not seem to find the needed NIC drivers (Realtek 8111, I think) in a *DOS* format that the boot disk (I am using BD355 from TeleData) requires.

I guess my question is in 2 parts:

* Where can I find the basic DOS driver for this mb? I have searched the Gigabytre site but the only driver I can find is an executable that installs the family of drivers. I can't find just the DOS driver

*Is there a better way to re-image these workstations without too much setup?

Any hints or tips (or URLs) would be greatly appreciated.

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andrew_aj1Connect With a Mentor Commented:

 I think you're considering the best way out there (answer to question 2)

About question 1, your chip is RTL 8111C chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)  and I'm going to google that rite now

Could you please try those

they are for RTL8110S-32/RTL8110SB(L)/RTL8169SB(L)/RTL8169SC(L)

Doesn't take alot of time testing I guess... will google further more.
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Direct link to previous posts' driver :
andrew_aj1 found the right one forget my links get his
differdufferAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys

I have downloaded andrew_aj1's link.
In it are 1 x .cat, 3 x .sys, 1 x .inf and 1 x .dll. Which of these is the DOS driver I need?

This what BD355 is expecting me to provide:

; Enter in a description of the card ie [3COM 3C90x Family Card]
; include the "[]" brackets as the example shows.
; ie:
;[IBM EtherJet 10/100 PCMCIA CardBus Adapter]
; The drivername can be found in the sample protocol.ini provided
; in the LANMANAGER driver folder supplied by the
; NIC manufacturer. (The "$" is not necessary)
; The dosdriver.ext is the name of the DOS driver file.  ie el90x.dos
; place the driver file in A:\netdrv
; Remove the comment ";" character from the 3 entries
; The order is important.  [description], drivername, dosdriver.ext.
; You may enter more than one NIC in newcard.ini

Hope you can help.....
Hi back,

 I think you didn't cilck the good link on the page provided because the proper link does not contain such files (like no .dll). RTEND.DOS can be there: (direct-download link) :)

Hope it'll start you on the good track. If you need further help, please tell us,

KaddictConnect With a Mentor Commented:
BTW you can find the link for the DOS driver on the page that has been provided under "DOS" / "NDIS2 driver for DOS (Support MSclient,Lantastic,Lanman,Norton Ghost)"

(link to the realtek 8111C driver page was
differdufferAuthor Commented:
Oops, forgot to comment.

I have found the driver I needed, thankyou.

I have split the points evenly between both Kaddict and andrew aj1 as both provided assistance.
To help the community it would be fine to link the driver to others, since people often search in the posts for their solutions

Thanks alot, and it's been a pleasure to help!

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