/tmp directory on Centos 4.7 release

Posted on 2008-10-28
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Last Modified: 2013-12-23
I believe I have some kind of backups writing to my /tmp directory but I'm not for sure.  I know how to delete them and all but I want to know I can stop this from happening again. Below is a copy on my /tmp folder, can you advise me how I can stop this ever happening again, thanks!

captcha                                  sess_8fc10f7f695a017e45bccc0c666c3f88
clamav-a148864dc35cb0d0a664eddc9b21fe5a  sess_9486b6867cf01991e42799e56e92c6ea
clamav-ac757d5de2c828b12519c5564d81623a  sess_960bac351b82fc0109560b6c9bb64137
clamav-e6b00fedb366d7899990d49f751b6bc0  sess_a1097f91e2156923e9ac6d1f5a3c541c
clamav-f52d5aa651c9ab592efd9ed36baef9f4  sess_a19f87644481b29ee6d1287a9d7b2ac3
clamav-fedb9ce94baf5667145aa2e950884c43  sess_a36d58156afa1c1481903fc21434c5bf
cpbandwidth                              sess_a3a607d62dd5517ace3f402261c50ea7
lost+found                               sess_a7522985528627401cfb01e3ac1bd07d
mysql.sock                               sess_ab286444a87b3c8ad376591b23312a97
pear                                     sess_ac2691d0ad6a12b0f7a20deee6fbe4b0
screens                                  sess_ad51e7040719dfb18e67b0bfdbb4c3ed
sess_00267b847fd0f91c65ece18b8540d97c    sess_ae2c23a19a26a919d79d93ccda8a3c15
sess_05dbf63fe7cf53cf06078cdddf3400c6    sess_af8dee89be6bb94e214e5ca503f3bb75
sess_0c990414a336ed0f15a4329a46d552f3    sess_b113159eee2ffb0acf9fcd1d4160d03b
sess_19dc15794a4d0fa634ee6a74d624a74c    sess_b43c309e1673760dc1f39c430fda426b
sess_1f505f17e512ce99109a4e056d4bf12b    sess_b515bba9eb34d757dc1ed88e2e98fa65
sess_1fa01436252eb41bc1204409e6a98f4d    sess_b64772e8301e04fd31b8f81305c68222
sess_207d80a517b859ab7ac9a76907ce1971    sess_b6a919e0f2dad52ee97518cac80c5277
sess_2cdb42b936931150c75d7fbad5668479    sess_bb6510bb0f4c832cdc5a8b629d13294c
sess_2d03715f8e6b2ba599dafe11f0dbc201    sess_bf5bb3079362ac108b01216c31ed0cff
sess_30bf2a73cdfea07a830912fb8f3a4e0c    sess_c07fc4105e0aaa4df24925c1fbd6465c
sess_33b6adcf9c3ed89f19956e2fb7d3331f    sess_c221748d9d52c5b69a6fd24d159ff4cc
sess_33dcf4dd95cd97239eb07c981558e74d    sess_c75e55a4844b3d263a2ce6c3796d4766
sess_357c569b51f8945f917d369841938838    sess_c912c5ca1886df36c671f5190a726358
sess_3c371fb3b44c53b50764084ed28b5f4c    sess_c9289c7cf808edffcbabb66054bf4744
sess_3efa360e51b9fd91d6977a4c24395cf7    sess_cae93464e4527572eb801f92eb521021
sess_4af674041fe97a719955138365e7ad58    sess_cd31d4faeba60a991c481e658acf34c6
sess_5192152aa37399bdf35a0639bf6d6043    sess_cddb83efd6cf60c8e2ca513455ab7a5f
sess_520da9c0d047327df4071c6f620cdd0b    sess_ce4f6fb35a494ba77b19f60549d7fd5a
sess_55a17924fa7db3aab2bab35ab7ca7522    sess_d0d09d77265c253db340d28e3be6a934
sess_58eac31ff7ad79daaa358942f6772b2f    sess_d1bb88eb82a6348a5f9bcf3adf2fe242
sess_5c866bad33adb7b1c24cd40e0865c261    sess_d38fd9f9629fe091f7e2e3f58c7802e8
sess_5ce98f59e85bba71340a2fbdc4728454    sess_d9960be728ec2715ab46fadfd3ef8c4b
sess_5d745701fb966f7738a2b5c64bb5ce6b    sess_df747d7c6c56650108624edd87f689f1
sess_5e6306e0c04c5904fd4df028c41965eb    sess_e2aa83bf5f57acc01b4a9a82cf8910dc
sess_5e6f892caa4c4c907b4484026f490f54    sess_e3d74b75f02ca096985787a431da5f4f
sess_60b13d7d67be55a99284b1cf43d60aac    sess_e94a4024b3f8d5950c92c9cde1c0a339
sess_62562fe28bed8e64bfe5b527eab46263    sess_f0cf6512e7cedcd65facb61f3a786ab9
sess_64104fd43d45991185e1a180cc84eab3    sess_f576548d1b6f0e449c4e0f1fcb2b61ec
sess_6675ed9e8ad6d09f1bdee7b51e9dc95f    sess_f8246c5ef9f76804bdd129e20b1eeb60
sess_67c952fbd9f9066befd5eb45cd3985ec    sess_f8381bcffcc11e7e6229afe47512c923
sess_6c12dfdaec11adbb890d2574e38e2ea6    sess_fa26af60caf8265dfb6783dcbd72ea5a
sess_700d7f04126155c53bdfcf8542388b0a    sess_fa638b872e0d66e7aa5053437de160d6
sess_709899b01233d1e741574412f7ce68b7    sess_fa92eb91fc62df2d95dc774099d7bced
sess_80c8a5d688993fb49e231b2adc29abf8    sess_fb6cc66fc47dd456d5cd88f5bc6c9d35
sess_822caef86a16d531596e458d86154868    sess_fc369573f1bc7ffee2cf0a7e3a6ce685
Question by:straakaatt9
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Expert Comment

ID: 22819586
What You mean? Those sess_XYZ files?
Those are php sessions files, it's ok they are there. Though, if You like You can change the session files location in Your php.ini config file.

Author Comment

ID: 22819899
thats good to know, what about clamav and cpbandwidth are those backup files, binary, etc In other words, do I need them at all in order to create more space.
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Accepted Solution

ravenpl earned 500 total points
ID: 22819984
clamav  are temporary file from clam antivirus, You are free to delete older than say 1 hour.
cpbandwidth: I don't know what they are, possible some temp data from another application as well.

Note: that You already have installed and configured tmpwatch package (it's system base) that wipes older than 10 days out /tmp files. You free to change it, edit /etc/cron.daily/tmpwatch - values are in hours.

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Assisted Solution

by:Hugh Fraser
Hugh Fraser earned 500 total points
ID: 22820291
A quick on Google shows cpbandwidth is oart of the cPanel application, and it's used to track bandwidth. There's no mention of the use of the files, but it;s safe to say if you don't use the tool, uninstall it and delete the files.

Author Comment

ID: 22820325
hey I appreciate your time and effort regarding my request, ty keep ^ the good work.
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Expert Comment

ID: 23193237
> Deleted with a full refund
I thought the Q was fully answered? please split.

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