Switch Flapping

Hey all i have 2 switches which are both onnected to a router, and the router is configured with bridging to provide redundancy.  Now the problem is, when i 'no shut' both ports on the router connected to the switches, it all works well for 20secs and i can even ping succesfully, but then is comes up saying that the po1 port is flapping with port such and such and then both ports goto into err-disabled mode. I was wondering how i get around that??  Or is there another way to try and get 2 ports on the same router to be able to use the same default-gateway.

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possibly you have created a loop within your network.
do you have spanning tree enabled?
what is your network topology?
Thunder-CatAuthor Commented:
hey thanks for the reply, the topo is a c7000 connected to a router via two switches in parallel for redundancy and the trunk ports from the switches to the router have spanning-tree portfast trunk enabled.  when i type "sh bridge" on the router no mac addresses appear.
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
you dont want port fast!!!

that shoudl only ever be used on access ports to connect host devices to!!

never switch to switch ports!
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hmmm, spanning tree port fast should be disabled on non-end ports....
if c7000 is hp blade chassis, then what kind of network modules do you have?
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
ps see your other question.

Thunder-CatAuthor Commented:
I figured it out i ended up taking port-channelling off the switchports going to the router and it stopped flapping.

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