Can connect to network but cannot browse internet

Can connect to network but cannot browse internet on IE or Firefox

I'm running Win XP Pro SP2, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.0.3

Ive removed winsock and added it back, Ive ran spyware and antivirus tools, Ive did "netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt" but with no luck.  I can see other computers on the network and ping GRC.  Ive put a Ubuntu live CD and was able to browse the internet so i know it has to be software related.  I tried to roll the system back but I'm having problems for some reason it says incomplete restore on several different restores.

Any suggestions?

Not on a proxy either.
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easyworksAuthor Commented:
Oh yes and the router is not a issue because at the customers place it did this and now at our place its doing it too.
easyworks--do you run AVG software?  If so, a quick fix might be to disable or uninstall and see if that helps.
And you could try the additional commands
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
Restart computer.
Concerning System Restore--
The fact that you have this problem as well as the other suggests you have been infected by malware.  Did you run antivirus and antispyware scans with the LATEST REFERENCE DEFINITIONS? What programs did you use?  Some are not very powerful.  You can run an online scan with
You can "Fix" System Restore, but, if you have malware, there is not much point in creating or restoring points that contain malware.


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easyworksAuthor Commented:
actually yes i run avg ive disabled the active shield but i still couldnt get online... ill try to uninstall it.

I ran superantispyware, avg, smitfraudfix, combofix
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easyworksAuthor Commented:
I uninstalled AVG and it fixed the problem... I guess this is a known issue?
easyworksAuthor Commented:
Wow impressive insite
easyworks--Well, those are reputable antimalware programs.  
One last thing on the malware angle would be to run HiJackThis and post the log here if you need help in analysis.
Did you try the fix to System Restore?  I do not think there is anything you can do to fix the old restore points, but it should allow SR to work in the future.
How to fix the browsing problem...  There are the additional commands suggested.  And you could try IE Tools|Internet Options|Advanced tab|Reset. (though I do not think that has much to do with Firefox)
easyworks--Glad to hear the good news.
Your and my last posts crossed.  I do not know how "well known" the AVG issue is, or what AVG did to cause it or is doing to fix it, but it has come up in at least five threads in the last week.  So far I seem to be the only one suggesting disabling AVG when the problem arises.  
easyworks--I am sure you will be interested in the questioner's comment in this thread
easyworksAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I'm looking into fixing the MS restore but that's a different issue i really appreciate the insight into this problem.  Ive ran the hijackthis and had it analyzed but didn't find anything except wingames which has a couple banner adds that come with it but its ok except for that.
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