Migrating from GWAVA to an outside hosted Postini account

We currently use a Novell erve and Groupwise to host our compaies mail. Twice now in the past two weeks we've been hit hard with backscatter from a spoofed email account. On average we recieve 8,000 emails a day and roughly 80% of those are junk. When the bounce backs from the spoofed mailbox come in it brings the mail server to its knees. I am considering hosting the mail outside of here using Postini and then forwarding only the good stuff back. Are there any major drawbacks to making this migration?
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The biggest disadvantages to using such a service are:

* Delayed delivery time for email
* Less control over how filtering is handled
* Recurring costs
* False positives delaying or blocking legitimate mail

If your server is suffering badly, then these may not be a significant problem for you. Overall, I'd say it's probably a worthwhile service if your own server is having trouble keeping up. One additional benefit of such a service is that if your own mail server has downtime, messages don't bounce. Overall, I'd say it's probably a worthwhile investment if spam is really hitting you hard.

Here's a service I have used in the past which I was happy with:

They focus primarily on spam and virus filtering. Service is reliable and affordable. They also offer a free 30 day trial of their service, so you can try it out and see how well it works before spending any money.

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Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerCommented:
My company has used MailWise (www.mailwise.com) for years for spam/virus email filtering and have had great success.  We rarely get a false positive.  They offer inbound and outbound scanning and a variety of other services.  You focus your MX records to them and then open a port 25 hole in your firewall from their servers so they can forward to your GWIA (most 3rd party services do/need this).  You can specify how often users receive their digest reports and if they are allowed to login to a portal to release messages immediately.

Hope that helps.
We also have a Groupwise mail server on which we were using GWAVA. We switched to MX Logic and haven't looked back. The conversion was extremely easy and we have had almost zero false positives.
Regarding the points made by Bill above:

* Delayed delivery time for email
      - We found that we are receiving emails faster than we ever did when we had GWAVA installed. The reduced load on the server enabled it to process mail a lot faster.

* Less control over how filtering is handled
      -You have as much control with MX logic as you do with GWAVA and an easier, more intuitive GUI interface in which to make your changes.

* Recurring costs
      -Not sure on this but I believe that the costs were only slightly higher than an annual maintenance contract with GWAVA.

* False positives delaying or blocking legitimate mail.
      -This is almost never a problem and happens quite a bit less than when we were using GWAVA.

Just my 2 cents.

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I'd just point out that while I did mention possible drawbacks of using such a service, as the OP requested, I also did state that they would probably NOT be an issue if the in-house system was already having trouble keeping up.

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