How do I creating and read encrypted XML files with VB.Net?

Hey all,

I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to write out and read back some encrytped XML files using VB.Net 2005 and could use some help.  

What I am trying to do is two fold:
-One:  Save the contents of a loaded XMLDocument object as an encrypted XML file (the type of encryption does not matter; however, speed of decryption will be important down the road.
-Two:  Read the contents of the encrypted file back into an XMLDocument object which I can then run some Xpath statements against.

The key would be known by both the program doing the encryption as well as the program doing the decryption.

Seems straight-forward.  I have found a lot of great XML/encryption/decryption examples but nothing that quite fits.  Your help is appreciated.
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Have a look at this tutorial, it explains well about encrypting xml docs then decrypting them back and reading the content back.
Hope it helped!


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dgnatekAuthor Commented:
Thats a fine start.  However the example references an EncryptedXML object, supposedly part of System.Security.Cryptography.Xml.  However, I do not not have an XML (or XML.EncryptedXml) under System.Security.Cryptography.  I am on v2.0 of the framework.  Any suggestions?

Imports System
Imports System.Security.Cryptography
Imports System.Security.Cryptography.Xml             <=== Does not exist.
Imports System.Xml

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dgnatekAuthor Commented:
As a followup to the above comment, it is necessary to add a reference to Sytem.Security.dll in your project properties before references to System.Security.Cryptography.Xml are valid.  Just adding an Imports statement was/is not enough.
dgnatekAuthor Commented:
I was really hoping for a VB.Net based solution (example).  However, I was able to decode the C# stuff.  Thanks.
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