Outlook's spam filter blocking everything

I'm testing e-mail content to see what will make it past Outlook's spam filter. Right now I have Outlook 2007 with its setting on "Low" but everything I've tried gets "caught." I've narrowed it down to the fact that my HTML content has a link in it. My current content that is getting blocked looks like:

If I remove the link, then it works, but that defeats the purpose of the email (which is to invite opted-in people to attend a webinar). Any suggestions?
<a href="https://www.domain.com/qs/">Link text</a>

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To be honest testing with Outlooks spam filter is  a bit overkill, it is just too strict :-) You should test sending your email to some of your colleagues who are using real spamfilters.
gr8gonzoConsultantAuthor Commented:
Well, the messages make it through filters like SpamAssassin just fine, but Outlook is used by the majority of the people we are mailing to. The message might make it through SpamAssassin / real mail filters, but if it's still being analyzed by Outlook's junk mail filter (which is on by default in Outlook 2003), then we need to account for that.
Ok, you got point there.  Thought it will be very hard to get Outlook Junkmail working even tolerable. How about people adding your From:- address into Outlook rules?

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gr8gonzoConsultantAuthor Commented:
That would probably work, but part of the problem is contacting them all to tell them to do that without being filtered. :)

A while back, I found a list of things to avoid doing for the Outlook junk mail filter (it was on Microsoft's site), but I think it was old then and now even older. It'd be nice if there was an updated list.
One Idea would be do very simple email without html-formatting, and make site/page where the email refers to.


Were starting our new Campaign.. please visit this site for more info:


Less HTML/less pictures, more effectively it gets through :-)
gr8gonzoConsultantAuthor Commented:
Actually, I found a PDF online describing the structure of Outlook's spam-filtering definitions and how to build a program to analyze your email scores. So I guess I'm off to Visual Studio!

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