TS Users' Settings -- some not saving

I have installed Server 2003 Standard onto one of my servers, along with Citrix PS 4.5  My staff uses an electronic medical record that consistently has them opening the same files from a share located on our network to put these entries into a patient's chart.  On Server 2000, after the user browsed to that folder the first time, the system would remember the last place they opened a file from and the Windows "open" box would default to that location.  This isn't happening in 2003 and I was curious if anyone knew why..

Also, I have a Fax installed in the printers list.  The fax requires you to set the IP address of the machine in the printer properties before it used the first time.  My users are having to reenter the IP each time they fax because the Terminal Server doesn't seem to be willing to store the setting.  

I am guessing both these issues are related, and assuming this is a simple rights issue.  

Any help anyone could provide me would be greatly appreciated
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tdocekalAuthor Commented:
It appears as if the default file opening location in Server 03 is My Documents. In 2000 it would remember, but doesn't seem to be a possibility in this version. I have created a shortcut and put it in the users' My Documents issues to assist them in locating their work.  

As for the fax, for those of you reading with similar issues, try reducing the security settings by visiting the Terminal Services Configuration console, choosing server settings, and editing the server type to be less strict on security.

Does the server remember the last save location while the user is in the same session and then it doesn't remember when they logoff and back on or does it just never remember?

As for setting up the FAX, sometimes configurations/settings are saved in the user's profile/registry.  Are the profiles getting deleted at logoff?  What type of profiles do these users have?
tdocekalAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply.
Good question. I just did a test and it does remember the last save location while the user is in the same session.  Once I logged out of the session and came back in the last save location was again reset to the "My Documents" folder.

As for the fax, I'm don't think the profiles are getting deleted because the user's settings for Outlook are remaining intact when they exit and start a new session.  I don't have anything special configured for their profiles.  Anything I could check that would make this easier to diagnose?
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