Graphics Tablet doesn't work all the time with Vista 64bit

I can't get a graphics tablet to work in Vista 64-bit. It detects and installs it fine without installing drivers, but it only works until I click the tip of the pen.  Then it wont work again unless I unplug and replug it in to the usb port.  Also if I go to calibrate the screen like it's a tablet PC, then it works the whole time during the calibration, but then doesn't work again once the calibration is completed.  Not sure if this is a 64 bit Vista issue or what?
Tablet works great on my other Vista 32 Desktop... not sure if this is configuration problem with my laptop or what exactly.  Very strange.  It's like Vista thinks this thing is a mouse, not a graphics tablet, but like I said, as soon as i used the tip of the pen to click, it stops responding to movement.  The buttons on the pen (right click, double left click) still work though.

Just to add more information, I tried another known working graphics tablet on this laptop and it doesn't work either. I would think this might be a 32 driver issue, but it works great when i go to "Calibrate" the tablet screen (Though this laptop is not a tablet pc)  

Anyone have any clue what I can do?   I can't get any sort of pen to work with this laptop.
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Alan HendersonConnect With a Mentor Retired marine engineerCommented:
I'm posing here. I know nothing about Medion and not much about tablets. But some thoughts which may help:

According to this post Medion say they don't support 64-bit:
It may be worthwhile contacting their support.

I know that some Linux users have found that Wacom drivers work with their Medion tablets. May be worth a try.

I had trouble with my Wacom while the Windows tablet support was installed. I removed it (didn't reinstall) and everything came right.

From here:

"Medion sell a lot of re-badged products, often REALLY made by a company called Aiptek. Aiptek make several graphics tablets. It might be an idea to check if your tablet is really a re-badged Aiptek, and if so, check out the Aiptek site for newer/better drivers."

If you go here:
Have a look at the images of the various tablets to see if one matches yours. They have Vista drivers there for download.

Hope this helps.
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Hello rickdweaver,

What brand and model is your tablet?

Have you installed the latest driver?

I have a Wacom tablet functioning perfectly on Vista 64-bit. Latest drivers for Wacom can be found here:
rickdweaverAuthor Commented:
It is a Medion Tablet, Vista actually recognized the tablet and I didn't have to install any drivers.
I did try using the drivers that came with it, but I still get the same thing.
I have another "tabletmouse" that is used like a tablet that works great on my desktop machine (Vista 32bit) and also my other laptop (Windows XP)... but it does the same thing on my new Vista 64bit laptop.
I am not sure if this is a configuration problem or a vista 64-bit problem.   As I said it's like I can't get vista to recognize the tablet, yet when I go to the "Calibrate your screen" settings in the control panel it magically works.

I tried un-installing and re-installing the "Tablet support" for Vista, but still no go.  
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rickdweaverAuthor Commented:
The Model is MD85637   I don't see it listed on their website.
rickdweaverAuthor Commented:
Thank you for those links...  buy I am still unable to get ANY tablet to work on my laptop with Vista 64 Bit on it.
I think at this point that it may be a configuration or conflict with some other software/driver issue, I just don't know where to look.

I have tried two tablets that both work on other machines..... I don't have another Vista 64 machine to test on... so it still might be something to do with the 64-bit... I am just not sure.

Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Try Vista System File Checker:

Click Start » All Programs » Accessories.
Right click Command Prompt.
Select Run as Administrator.

At the command prompt type
sfc /scannow (dont miss the space before the /)
Click OK.

You'll need your Vista DVD if prompted for SFC repairs. In Vista, SFC may  tell you if there were problems it couldnt repair and it creates a report the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica which is entirely impenetrable. I ignore it.

If SFC doesn't fix the problem:

Try Check Disk
Start > All Programs > Acccessories
Right click command Prompt.
Select "Run as Administrator".
At the command prompt type
chkdsk /f  (there's a space before the /)
Press Enter.
Boot from your Vista DVD and run chkdsk using the Windows Recovery Environment.

I assume that you've updated and run your AV and Antispyware.
In addition to that, run an online check:
Housecall Online Scan is good.

Do you have adequate Antispyware?
In addition to Windows built in Defender you need:
Ad-Aware (there's a free personal version)
Spybot (free!)
SUPERAntispyware (free for home use)

Next option:
Vista repair options don't include XP's Repair Installation.
However you can do something similar - instructions here:

If all else fails reinstall Vista.

rickdweaverAuthor Commented:
This is on an HP Laptop....  The master restore disks just return it to factory settings.  I don't actually have a Vista DVD.

I did try all the things you suggested vallis....   but I am thinking perhaps its a driver issue?
I am not sure.
I wish I had another 64Bit Vista machine to try it out on.
Thanks for all your helps so far.....   I am going to keep this question open... perhaps someone else will benefit from it later on.
Both Tablets I have don't seem to offer 64-bit drivers yet... perhaps this is the issue....  we will see.
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
"Both Tablets I have don't seem to offer 64-bit drivers yet... perhaps this is the issue"

Quite likely.
rickdweaverAuthor Commented:
Interesting... I found that Aiptek in Europe seems to have this tablet.  They call it a 600U there.
I have emailed their tech support to see if they say it support Vista 64 bit.
Will update this question then.
rickdweaverAuthor Commented:
Just an update.  Apparently there are no 64-bit drivers for either of my tablets.   Oh the joys of 64-bit vista.  :)

I am going to close the question and if anything changes I will update it again.
rickdweaverAuthor Commented:
You did a lot of research and found a lot more about the tablet then I could, so great job.  I think it may just be a 64-bit Vista driver issue.
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
If you'd like to treat yourself for Xmas, Wacom tablets are fine with 64-bit Vista and Linux.

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