IE moves text by a few px's after scriptaculous fadein

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has ever noticed a strange IE text blur issue when Scriptaculous fades in an object.

I am using Scriptaculous to fade in my page on load, once the content is faded in, IE seems to blur the text contained within the content. What actually seems to be happening is the text is moving right by 1 pixel once the fade in is complete.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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sh0eConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You want to apply the background-color to whatever it is you are fading. In this case it should be the divlayout-fadewrapper.  Oddly enough, I couldn't reproduce the problem on the content, but all the other text on the page went fuzzy.
It does sound like it is definitely a Cleartype problem, as jQuery seems to turn off Cleartype when using effects.
RichardMassAuthor Commented:
Just a followup to the above question I posted. It would seem to be a change to cleartype once the animation is finished. The text stays clean and crisp in IE6, just IE7 seems to blur it and as it uses cleartype I am suspecting that is the cause.

I will leave this open for a short time and if anyone knows any ways of fixing this it would be greatly appreciated though I am starting to think it is one of those things we have no control over.
I think you might have missed it, but try to place your question in as many Zones (max 3) as you can, so more experts will see it.  JavaScript is a very popular Zone, so you should always place it there if it relates to JavaScript in some way.

Anyhow, give the layer a CSS style "background-color: white".  Or any other color, just make sure you give it a background-color.
<div id="blah" style="background-color: white"></div>
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And this one, for example, could go under Internet Explorer and CSS.
The best choice would be Zones: Internet Explorer, CSS, and JavaScript, so you get the most attention.  There seem to be few experts hanging about in JavaScript Frameworks.
RichardMassAuthor Commented:
Hi Sh0e,

First off, thank you for the suggestion about where to place the thread, I will make the most of that feature from now on.

Unfortunately the background-color:#fff fix didn't seem to achieve anything. I have put up a test version to display the issue. It only happens in IE7 and you will notice the box containing the test text has the style="background-color:#fff" in it.


It's not a huge problem but certainly something I would like to fix if it is possible.

Thank you again Sh0e for all your help. I'm experienced with CSS/XHTML and have been dodging javascript for a number of years as much as possible but you have been a great assistance while trying to get up with the times.

RichardMassAuthor Commented:
Still no luck with that I'm afraid Sh0e,

I did however find this detail below which would seem to explain the issue I believe...

"IE7 filters (which is how the opacity of an element is currently set for IE) utilize DirectX. Fonts are smoothed using ClearType. The problem is DirectX doesnt understand how ClearType works so any time you use a filter on an item, IE has to turn off font smoothing on the item so DirectX can do the filtering. In earlier betas of IE7, the browser would turn the font smoothing back if you there were no more filters on the item (for example, opacity started at .1 and went up to 1 and the filter was taken off as an opacity of 1.0 and no filter are the same thing). However the problem with that was when you did transitions the text would get jagged and then change back when the transition was done."

I guess we just have to put up with it until IE pulls it's thumb out. I'll stop there before I get worked up about Microsoft. lol.

Thank you for your effort Sh0e.

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