Oracle Database link

i have a database link and i want to use it to return
result set of data...
when i use ref corsure i faced error ora-10001.
in form when i build a form on procedure that return ref corsure
the form  work correctly localy
but it do not work on database link....

any ideas plz
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DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
Apparently you have an invalid cursor in your code block.  Please post the code as a snippet.  And, I have no idea what word you mean by "corsure" -- regrets and please clarify.
mohammedfAuthor Commented:
the procedure that retures the cursor is working 100% on the local Database , but in the other database that i have link to it , it did not work ,,
so i guess the problem is in the link,,im not sure

please post the code
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mohammedfAuthor Commented:

create or replace package reg_pack as
TYPE rec IS RECORD(cd_tb_cd rg_code_tb.cd_tb_cd%TYPE,
                              cd_cd rg_code_tb.cd_cd%TYPE,
                              CD_ARB_TR rg_code_tb.CD_ARB_TR%TYPE);
type my_ref is ref cursor RETURN rec;
procedure test_ref_proc(my_cur in out my_ref);
end reg_pack;
create or replace package body reg_pack as
procedure test_ref_proc(my_cur in out my_ref) is
open my_cur for select cd_tb_cd,cd_cd,cd_arb_tr from rg_code_tb
where cd_tb_cd=0;
end test_ref_proc;
end reg_pack;
       (code_main         number(5),
        code_sub          number(5),
        Icode_desc       VARCHAR2(50));
CREATE TYPE code_tab_table AS VARRAY(1000) OF code_tab;
CREATE FUNCTION gets_code (code_main number) 
         RETURN code_tab_table PIPELINED IS
v_tab code_tab_table := code_tab_table();
FOR cur IN (SELECT cd_tb_cd,cd_cd,cd_arb_tr 
                 FROM   rg_code_tb
                 WHERE  cd_tb_cd =code_main
                 ORDER BY cd_cd)
PIPE ROW(code_tab(cur.cd_tb_cd, cur.cd_cd, cur.cd_arb_tr));        

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where is the db link involved?

what line generates the error?
DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
I assume you've checked for the appropriate privs and synonyms on the remote object -- and please show the error in context.

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DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
May we be of any further assistance or has this been abandoned?
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