Reactivate port after RSPAN session

I had set up a RSPAN session between two 4506's.  It worked fine and I used my desktops port on Switch 1 for the monitoring, and the source port was on switch 2.  After I was done capturing the traffic, I plugged in a different network cable so that I could log onto the switches and shutdown the monitoring sessions.  The problem is that my switch port (the one that was used for monitoring) will not come back up now, I have tried shutting it down and bringing it up again with shut - no shut but when I plug my ethernet cable I do not get a link and the swithc says that the port is down and down, do you know why this might be, is there something special that I need to do to reactivate this port?
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jiggin23Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Was a physical layer problem, a cord got bumped, thanks for your help.

What do you see if you enter this command

show monitor session   ??

did you remove the monitor session?

no mon session .............

harbor235 ;}


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