Installing .CAB file on New IPHONE

Our CEO recently got an IPHONE, up to this point all Smartphone users were on Windows Mobile.  I use a .CAB file that consists of an XML file with an SSL cert on it.  Without this you can sync Exchange on our systems.  The normal delivery method is to simply go to the URL where I have the CAB file located.  This method does not work with Safari for some reason.  So bottomline I have two questions.

1. How do I get this CAB file on the phone in a location were I can install the Cert.
2. Will this CAB file that I have been using even work with the IPHONE
- <wap-provisioningdoc>
- <characteristic type="CertificateStore">
- <characteristic type="ROOT">
- <characteristic type="7e784a101c8265cc2de1f16d47b440cad90a1945">

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The CAB file will not work. You don´t manual have to install the SSL cert on the iPhone.
Just connect with the settings to your Exchange and the iPhone will grab the SSL cert from the server.

Use this settings

Email: your email address
Username: Account name (Ask your exchange admin)
Password: your password
Description: whatever you want to label your Exchange on your phone.

And then after you click next, when it asks for "Server", you should insert your OWA/public exchange address: (if you use to connect to your OWA)

ctanksleyAuthor Commented:
I have tried this with no luck.  For whatever its worth all other phones the Cert has to be on the phone installed through a CAB file before it will allow connection to the exchange server.  For all other devices I simply go the the site that I have the CAB on and it installs it.  The Iphone however does not work the same way.
Like Waleij said, CAB files are not compatible with the iPhone. As for a solution to your problem if you download the Enterprise Configuration Utility, you can embed the certificate in the configuration file that is specific to the iPhone. From there you can email the config file or host it on an intranet in the office and configure the phone that way.

Enterprise Configuration Utility:

Enterprise Deployment Guide:

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ctanksleyAuthor Commented:
Is there any other option for this, I only have one user with an Iphone and this method seems like way too much trouble for just the one phone.

You can manually set it up, but the configuration utility is the easiest way.
ctanksleyAuthor Commented:
Ok so looking at the Manual settings , tell me if I am thinking correctly.  I have the certificate on my local PC her, its an XML file contained in  .der file,  I should be able to store this on the web then browse to it and it will install on the Iphone or I could email the .der to myself then open it on the phone?
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