PowerDVD 7.3 and 8.0 update on Vista 64bit

How can I get my PowerDVD to play Blu Ray?

Previously I have been able to play blu rays.  I rented The Incredible Hulk and it needed to update from the internet.  I connected and went to the Cyberlink website.  Clicked the link and got the blue screen of death.  It has happened about 5 times.

I even tried to upgrade to 8.0 and the installation was not supported.  Does anyone have any backdoor rememdies or fixes or can lead me in the right direction?
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Vista has a good built-in tool for monitoring performance issues, and you can often troubleshoot problems by the method explained in this web page:

Fixing Windows Vista, Part 3: Top Troubleshooting Tools
Let Windows identify performance issues
dlpierceAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info and I checked all of the links and applied the info. I am still in the same situation as before.  I don't want to pay Cyberlink 20 bucks just to tell me it's not compatible with Vista 64 bit.  What other information is available?

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dlpierceAuthor Commented:
Tried that one also and it says I'm vista compliant.  Don't know what else to do.
You say PowerDVD came preinstalled.  Did the pc manufacturer provide a CD to reinstall it?  If not, perhaps a call or email or internet chat to the support can provide an answer of some sort...
dlpierceAuthor Commented:
Yes it came preinstalled.  I did not receive an installation cd.  I tried uninstalling it but I get an access denied.  I wrote customer support but I've read on the forums CP sucks.  
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