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Best replacement for ISQLPLUS functionality

Posted on 2008-10-29
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-19
Our customer is currently using ISQLPLUS as a workaround in order to perform SQL functionality through a web interface.  We've upgraded the majority of their databases to 10g and they've been using the 9i as a workaround due to the stability problems in the 10g version.

At the end of this year the support ends for 9i so the question is whether we need to extend support for that so they can continue to use the ISQLPLUS tool that came with 9i or if we should try to migrate them to something like APEX.  

The question is what is more time/cost effective and whether APEX can duplcate the minimal interface that isqlplus provides, which is all the customer is looking for.  In fact assuming it does that and a lot more is there a way to lock it down so that the access is more like what isqlplus provides.
Question by:Calbrenar
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Expert Comment

ID: 22834209
The problem seems to be that iSQL is a niche product -- SQL*plus and SQL*developer are client-based tools rather than browser-based.  APEX is suited for providing a rapid appplication more than ad-hoc queries.  Other 3rd-party products are likely to be SQL*Plus all prettied up.
Now, this is the first I've heard of 10g stability issues.  I assume you have that news from an iTAR or other official source?
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Expert Comment

ID: 22834586
oracle sqldeveloper is free and comes with the client.
it's light weight
easy to use
and does everything sql-plus can do..

give them 30 minutes of training

APEX would work for simple insert/update/delete functionality.
but you'll have to set it up..  it's not really for "adhoc" type stuff.

Author Comment

ID: 22834619
I'm going back through my history trying to find where it was but I thought Oracle had stated that there were issues with the 10g version and due to the layers of technology they weren't going to fix it which is why its deprecated in 11.  I will attempt to find the specific link.
I'm not sure whether Apex would even provide the functionality we are looking for and from what I've read on the pages that touch on it it sounds like it uses different access restrictions then what are already currently in the database roles and handled by oracle itself.  
I wonder if having them use SQL Worksheet from the EM Console is a possibility and what risks there are involved in that as well as how hard it would be to duplicate some or most of ISQLPUS' functionality in a java enabled web page.

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Author Comment

ID: 22834639
Doesn't sqldeveloper require a client/server connection -- ports open -- etc?  The main requirement we have is that it is accessible through a web interface.  It has to work thru TAM.
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Expert Comment

ID: 22835385
Replying to 22834639, yes, I mentioned in the first post that the client-based s/w such as SQL*Developer would not meet your needs.  And to your other post, there is absolutely no way (adjective omitted) a customer should have any reason to be allowed unaudited management control of a production database.  
Okay, one reason:  your employer is in a hurry to go out of business. (sardonic grin).
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ID: 22835545
sorry..  I didn't read that requirement..  no client installs.
seems like a silly requirement but
as you stated, APEX is an option.

just so you know,
every machine in our organization (25,000+ employees) has an oracle client installed.

Author Comment

ID: 22837390
Unaudited control would be using the worksheet in the console or a java application?

Author Comment

ID: 22837850
our machines do too but this is for a customer not for us and they have security requirements.  They force everyone to log in thru Tivoli using a portal site so they need something web based.  ISQLPLUS was ideal for this -- very simplistic and does what they needed.  I will try installing APEX to see how it compares but from what i understand its more of a development environment and has far more features then required plus may use different roles to determine access then the ones already set up inside oracle.  I was wondering if there are any other options out there.  3rd party software maybe.
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ID: 22839716
The successor of iSQL*Plus is SQLDeveloper.
In 10g iSQL*Plus works fine sofar.
Apex is lightweighted tool for devoping Reports and Forms.
But do not mix iSQLPlus with Forms and Reports.
If you use it really for Forms and Reports then migrate to
APEX as soon a possible.
In Oracle 11g APEX is integrated with the server and the installaton comes with
oracle server installation.
With APEX you do not installation on client machine, HTML server is in the DB (11g)
so it is a good thing.
Next substitute will be BI Reports, but they need middtier (OAS).
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Accepted Solution

David earned 2000 total points
ID: 22841758
Hello Joseph, IMHO you are overlooking the author's main point -- the isqlplus alternative cannot be client or TCP based {22834639}.  It seems we're all in agreement, however, that APEX is the only web-based alternative available.

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