Windows Server 2008 administrative tools folder empty

I'm running windows server 2008 and for some reason my start menu folder Administrative Tools is empty. I don't know when it became empty or why. I don't use the server too much as I haven't migrated to it. I was messing with some settings a few weeks ago. Either there's a administrative template that shows or hides the contents of the administrative tools folder or I deleted the contents unintentionally. If possible, I'd like a list of what's supposed to be in that folder and the dir paths of the originals so I can recreate the shortcuts. Or, if someone knows how to restore from hidden directories using windows backup restore or whatever it's called in server 2008 (I don't have it up right now) I could pull the files off a backup.
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ryansotoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It was 2003 :)

Check in the system32 folder the programs should be there -
Another route -
Click start then run and then MMC.
Click add and choose the tool of choice.  Save the tool someone on the machine and then create a shortcut on the start menu to it
Make sure you didnt change the start menu settings.
Right click the toolbar and properties and then customize you will see display admin tools right there
earth-travelerAuthor Commented:
Just checked that, mine is selected to show admin tools. The admin tools menu or link or whatever you want to call it is there but when you open the sub menu, it just says empty. I really think I might have manually emptied it for all users as I didn't want each of my users to have access to it. I would have meant to leave it under the administrator account but I might have gotten sidetracked and not finished something.
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ADUC location

%SystemRoot%\system32\dnsmgmt.msc /s

%SystemRoot%\system32\winsmgmt.msc /s

All I am doing is looking on one of my servers by going into this folder then right click and properties and it shows the location.  Do you have another server to look at or do you need me to list them all?
earth-travelerAuthor Commented:
The other server I have is 2003 and I think there are differences. Are you getting yours from a 2008 server?
earth-travelerAuthor Commented:
I'm running server 2008 64bit and didn't feel like browsing through those folders so I went with the MMC selection. I actually think I like that better than the original way it was set up with shortcuts because this is in a handy easy to browse tree format.  Thanks!
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