Unix system call read from 2 pipes

I can't find example in this site about reading from 2 pipes. One of the pipe will be read and the other pipe used for writing.

I understand in the c program, I will need to do the following:
1. Create 2 pipes
2. On 1st pipe - close the write pipe and dup2 the read pipe
3. On 2nd pipe - close the read pipe and dup2 write pipe

Basically the program will bounce the input / output between these 2 pipes. Any idea
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omarfaridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you may google for "unix system programming" or "unix programming" or "programming in c"

is this going to be between two processes?
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msh79Author Commented:
2 processes where a value is passed back and forth in 2 pipes. I am still trying to understand some example and if you have other link that is much more simple, please advise.

The program will stop after reaching a limit set in the loop
Are you talking about a bidirectional pipe?
msh79Author Commented:
Thanks guys, I got the solution: Actually I didnt understand the question - which always is my problem. Basically I need to create 2 pipes. The parent will read from child pipe and child will read from parent pipe. Once the value reach until certain value - the process will terminate.

Before I end, any good tips on learning programming. I know you would say I will need to really to try the program and think of it. But I still find it difficult to visualize every step in programming.
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