Failure to Output Hello

Hello Experts,

I have been looking compiler directory like crazy. Pleave provide pointing for solutions?

Looked @ gcc.c-torture dir with compile and execute folders.

It didn't run in any folders. Should I need to configure something?

gcc -o hello.c
gcc -v hello.c
#include <stdio.h>
main ()
printf("Hello World\n");

Please advise, help?
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Put the code you posted (with a small modification - see below) in a file with .c extension (for example, hello.c).

Navigate to the directory that contains that file, and play these commands to compile the code into an executable :

        gcc -c hello.c -o hello.o
        gcc hello.o -o hello

The first creates the object file, the second links all object files (just one in this case) into an executable called 'hello'.

Now, you can run the code this way :


and, assuming all previous steps succeeded, you should see "Hello World" printed on your screen.

If not, please post the output of all commands, as well as any errors you get.
#include <stdio.h>
int main (void) {                        /* <--- main HAS to return int */
    printf("Hello World\n");             /* <--- always properly indent your code */

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I believe that if you ran "gcc -v hello.c", then it will generate an executable in the default file "a.out".  Check if you have an a.out.  But it's generally best to do it like Infinity08 said, in two stages.

Running "gcc -o hello.c" doesn't make much sense.  That's telling gcc to put its output into "hello.c", overwriting the existing hello.c.  It also doesn't give gcc any input files.  So in the end it takes no action.

suredazzleAuthor Commented:
Hi NovaDenizen & Infinity08,

Include .bash_profile:

Bin is empty folder. There is no reason to put above.

.bash_profile return no error.

2nd, I changed ..../compile/hello.c

gcc -v  ----> no version output
gcc -c hello.c
gcc hello.c

Command not found. I don't understand.

I gzip the gcc file.

Compile directory of gcc has simd, nested, pointer, init, and etc files.

So, I am lost at this point of configuration gcc.

Please advise or pointing solutions, NovaDenizen & Infinity08.


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So, if I understand it correctly, gcc was not (correctly) installed ?

Here's everything about how to correctly install gcc :
I don't think you're ready to compile and build gcc yet.  Are you using linux?  If you are, whatever distribution you're using should have a way of downloading and installing gcc mostly automatically.
suredazzleAuthor Commented:
Hi Nova Denizen & Infinity08,

Well, the file should be in the compiler directory or pointing to it.
Just like you run .html in /www.

This scenario, I am not doing make unless it's installer.

2nd, gcc is not compatible for Mac OS. I looked at machine list, IMAC is not listed. Only PowerPC, which it is Darwin-OS Server.

Why should it matter?  Sun Solaris, PowerPC & Mac OS are based Unix compatible, right?

Mac OS is different family like HP-UX.

Let me see if there's better gcc. If not, there is Xcode.

Thanks guys for your help! I really appreciated it.
suredazzleAuthor Commented:
Hi Nova Denizen & Infinity08,

Mac OS doesn't install gcc compiler. Only Xcode tool.
suredazzleAuthor Commented:

Warning: 1GB Available

Before install, validate hard drive

1. df -h
2. screen shows 686. I think.
3. Reject less than that.
suredazzle, with the way you provide information, it has been very difficult to figure out what your problem was. And I'm actually still not sure what it is. In the future, if you ask another question, you need to be very clear about what the problem is, and describe it in as much detail as possible. Do not assume that the people reading your question can also read your mind or look over your shoulder, because they can't ;)
It looks like xcode is the way to go.  If you don't have enough disk space, then that's a problem you have to solve before you install gcc.  If the xcode package is a whole gigabyte then it sounds like there is more than just gcc in the package, but I don't see how you can get gcc otherwise.
suredazzleAuthor Commented:
Hi Infinity08 & NovaDenizen,

Sorry, I apologize for miscommunication. Next time, I will clarify question in better ways.

Darn right, I have enough disk space. You get the GCC, another application, and etc.

Downloaded Xcode last night.

Let's rollback, the GCC from the site. Just didn't work.

Good thing, keep the surprise. :)
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