Reset or delete server computer account


I have one domain controller witch is the FSMO holder and on backup dc
I need to reload backup dc to increase my partion size of c drive
My question is must I reset or delete computer account after I decommissioned server because I will give server same computer name.
1.      decommission server
2.      Reload server
3.      Reset or delete computer account  please advice
4.      join server to domain
5.      run dcpromo to make backup dc

Please advice
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The first step that you should do on the backup domain controller is to run dcpromo to get it out of the domain controller role.
After that, you decommission the server, reload, delete computer account (which should now be in the computers ou - not the domain controller ou), join the server to the domain, and then run dcpromo to get the server back in as a domain controller.

On another note, if the only think that you are doing is trying to increase the partition size, you could try to use gparted and modify the partitions without having to go through all of this process.

Here is the link to GParted - The Live CD works great!:

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jacksch4820Author Commented:
Thanks for fast respond I will rather go long way.
Running dcpromo on domain controller is basically decommission is this right please explain
What is this partition size. Anything over, let's say 12Gb is sufficient as a boot partition. If your OS partition is over that let me know and we can move stuff around to use the current size without going through all the hastle.
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jacksch4820Author Commented:
boot partition is 8 GB to small
Prior to doing anything, you should transfer your roles.

If active directory integrated DNS, then prevent DNS from being AD integrated.

Then, you can demote it from the domain. After that, it is simply a member server.

There are some things you should be aware of. Not all backups will take an image and put that image on a different sized partition. So, you may want to simply make a backup and not an true image backup of your data. A backup will allow you to put your data on a different sized partion.

If you have drive space, you can also take true imaged backups and then resize your partion. If the true images don't accomodate the differences in partion sizes, your backside is coverd with a backup instead of the image.

Acronis will put a true image backup onto a different sized partition. I don't know if Ghost will.  
jacksch4820Author Commented:
My decision is reloading dc.
Running dcpromo on domain controller is basically decommission is this right please explain
Sure, a clean install never hurts. In fact, it might be a good idea. You were looking at a lot of the same work.

Just make sure the five FSMO roles are on the server that is not being decommissioned and all files that you need off the server are off the server your are demoting.
Running dcpromo on a current domain controller will take it out of the domain. (Make sure that you DO NOT select the This is the last domain controller in the forest option!!!). You want to do this so that you wont have to manually remove the domain controller from the domain through a metadata cleanup.
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