Help with multiple ip camera's and DDNS

I am trying to get 3 webcams to be able to be viewed through a website.  I don't have a static IP address so I know that I need to use DDNS.  I have a few questions:

1. Does the DDNS settings have to be put on the webcam or the router?
2.  If I put the DDNS settings on the router, do I just need to setup the port forwarding on the router and then embed the video feed into my webpages like this: or whatever port number I have setup on each camera?

If you have a better way, please let me know ... thanks.
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I suppose you would add DDNS on the router, then your webserver application should handle where to route requests.  For example, lets say you are using Host Headers and IIS, then it would take all of the incoming requests from the router (where you are pointing the DDNS service to) and then IIS serve the site based on how you have it configured (3 different camera sites??)
pcexpress2008Author Commented:
It is going to be on 1 website and the cameras streams will be on 3 different pages, but you will have the ability to choose and see whatever camera you want.  
Okay, then DDNS service on/to the router, then web service should take care of the rest.  Users hit the url - DDNS takes care of routing it to your server - web service hosts the videos.   As far as how to code the streams, that is a topic for another post/category ;)
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Press2EscSystems IntegratorCommented:
While all cameras will use the same static ip (DDNS), each individual camera will be "selectable" via the usage of pinholes (aka port forwarding) in the router/firewall.


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pcexpress2008Author Commented:
So to be clear: DDNS setting are setup on the router.  I embed the streams to each webcam stream in the webpage.  Would link them like:,, and of course have the ports open on the router linking to the internal ip address of each individual camera.... is that correct?
Press2EscSystems IntegratorCommented:
exactly....  P2E
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