ISA 2004 Server Logs FTP and PPTP failues with error code 0xC0040011 (FWX_E_IS_BUSY)

I have 2 rules on the ISA Server mangament console that allow Outbound FTP(21) and PPTP(1723). When I attempt to connect to a FTP site, or a VPN connection from one of the client computers connected to the ISA server, the ISA server allows the outbound connection, but fails with the error message "A connection was dropped because there are too many pending connection requests". The error code is 0xC0040011, and a description of FWX_E_IS_BUSY. This was working until about a week ago, but I cannot find any updates around that time that may have caused this to start failing.
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HayesJupeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
do did you try turning off flood protection ?
you can get around this by turning off flood protection.... ofcourse, this may not be the best thing if your network is getting flooded - but it may get you out of a tizz until you can sort out the source of your issue. (and it may just be one client that is inadvertantly flooding, due to something screwy anyway - dont necessarily jump to the conclusion that its somthing malcious)
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
If you are on SBS2003 with ISA2004 - you need to have upgraded ISA to SP3 if you have not already done so. ISA2004 SP2 had a number of bugs in it with SBS.
ChrisHammond56Author Commented:
The SBS box is SP2  and ISA2004 is SP3 already, so i do not think this is a Service Pack issue.
ChrisHammond56Author Commented:
Turning off Flood Protection cleared the issue, but that leaves ISA2004 in an open state. I have re-installed the OS and ISA2004 and the issue has been resolved.
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