How to verify the Certificate Authority type


How can i know my exisiting Certificate Authority server is having what version?

likes Enterprise root CA, stand alone root CA.

Where can i verify this?
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Go to the the server holding the certs
start up certification authority
right click the server
go to the properties
under the gerneral tab pick the cert
click on view cert
second tab is details
there you can see the versions of the cert

cavinlimAuthor Commented:
What i mean is, example my previous administrator already setup a CA server, how can i know what CA type that he choose when doing installation.

Like when we first setup CA server it will ask which type of CA.
Enterprise Root CA or StandAlone RootCA.

How can i verify this.
You need the certificates snap in
add/remove snap
add certificates users
and you'll see the store strcuture

make sure you use user and login as administrator to the server with the certs authroity.

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While logged onto your CA server...
Using the command line utility 'certutil' you can verify the type of CA you have.

c:\>certutil -CAInfo

Look for the line that says 'CA type'. It will tell you if you have an Enterprise Root CA or Standalone or what not.
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