Blackberry enterprise server 4.0 not forwarding email to handheld with certain legal disclaimers

Does anyone have any information as to why a BES 4.0 server running against an exchange 2003 system would fail to forward  email with certain legal disclaimers to handhelds? The messages reach the exchange mailbox fine and appear in an outlook client and OWA. Some disclaimers arrive on the handhelds fine but other seem quite cursed and for these disclaimers the problem is reproducible (I can simply copy the text below in the body of a new email to make one that won't forward). I have no global filter on the server that affect anything but subjects and predictably RIMMs "knowledgebase" says nothing. If it is a known issue I can accelerate upgrading the server or they are hardcoded (we have discovered a few but there could be more) I can "fix" them on my incoming mail relay but it seems like overkill. I would rather just change something in the software that is having the problem.

We have known about this problem for a while but until now it was a minor inconvenience. I have a minute so would like to fix it since I increasingly have remote users who need to see those emails and don't have access to a desktop to see them in outlook.


The sample below even has a typo :-)

From: Somebody
Sent: 2008-10-30 10:33 AM
To: Somebody
Subject: Test

Body of Email
This email is intended only for the use of the individual(s) to whom it is addressed and may be privileged and confidential.
Unauthorised use or disclosure is prohibited.If you receive This e-mail in error, please advise immediately and delete the original message.
This message may have been altered without your or our knowledge and the sender does not accept any liability for any errors or omissions in the message.

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Let me make sure I understand correctly... your BB users are recieving e-mails from external to your company. Sometimes the e-mails do not arrive on their BB handhelds, and those are always e-mails that have legal desclaimers at the bottom.

Do your users ever recieve e-mails with disclaimers? Is there a chance that it is e-mails FROM a specific company they dont see?
ramtek_usAuthor Commented:
That is correct. I can also create an email internally and send it to my own mailbox and as long as it has the disclaimer text in the body it will arrive in my mailbox but will not be forwarded to my blackberry. The problem email comes from multiple external companies or also internally if someone forwards a messages received on their mailbox that has the text to another internal user. The problem follows the text. I am unaware of any options on my BES to configure such a thing.

Once a company is identified my users who know about the problem have asked the sender to remove their disclaimer and mail flows fine (as long as they don't readd it). Obviously this isn't always possible and you would have to miss a message before realizing it wasn't reaching you.

ramtek_usAuthor Commented:

Following up. Oddly the problem appears to have gone away for good. To be clear it has persisted through reboots and patches for at least a year now but has disappeared. Here is what I did :

Installed messageflow.exe from the res kit and ran a trace on a user with the problem.

1)messageflow -p E -u -L "C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Logs\20081030" -OL C:\scripts\bes_reskit\MessageFlow\out

2)examined the log (didn't see any messages corresponding to when "blocked" messages were sent)

3)sent a new message with the cursed text (expecting to try find it again in the log

4)Message appeared in logs AND reach blackberry device

I next forwarded a message from my knowledge base containing at least 5 cursed phrases and the message now arrives on the blackberry device. Users report that messags from their contacts now come to both their desktops and their handheld and that they can read the same disclaimer on their handheld. No other changes were made to the server and nothing was so much as cycled. This is sketchier than dbclean.exe utility (for those who have had to use it)

Anyhow, if anyone else has this problem it is worth a try though without knowing what caused it in the first place and can't guarantee my users that it will stay fixed.


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