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I wan to site .org but I make my page is aspx, IS this matter?

HI Expert!
I just create a .aspx site(I am usign c# and asp.net 2.0).

This site is a site for my church and I wan to create the site  as  "MyChurch.org"  instead of "MyChurch.aspx", How can I do this?
I am new publishing stuff...sorry if this is a silly question.

BY the way this site also have a MySql database connection and Ajax controls plus some of the controls of aspx.net 2.0.

Thanks for your help.
ps: Also if you can give me a good place to publish my site..it will be a PLUS!!...Thanks
4 Solutions
.aspx means that this site uses asp .net technology, it has nothing to do with your domain name you are about to purchase.

it can be any free domain name .org,com,net,info,etc...
.aspx is the extension of the web pages. You are confused with the domain extension. When you register a space for your web-site, you have choices to choose from: .com, .in, .org and others. When you have registered the space, you can then publish your site to remote location.

Anurag ThakurTechnical ManagerCommented:
domain name can be any as already described the experts above
if you dont even want to show the extension of the web page you can hide it through URL rewriting
for that please go through the follwoing microsoft link
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Your site URL will look something like:


where .org is the domain extension and .aspx is the page extension.
eddyperuAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys..thta help me !
Do you know any web site that can host my site?
eddyperuAuthor Commented:
Do you have nother site ? the netwayweb is in India and English is my second language...(sometimes they can't understand me)
You should be able to find a local ISP (Internet Service Provider) to host your site.  You may even be able to find them listed in the telephone directory in your town or city.

check out:


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