Does riding a bike help a persons running performance in any way? Or any other ways to increase running length or speed?

Does riding a bike help a persons running performance in any way?  If not, than what exercises, besides running, can help a persons ability to run for a long time and/or at a faster speed?
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Of course. Cross-training is well-known in running, bicycling and swimming of course are components of triathlons, but also are used to help build endurance. Other sports can help build speed, flexibility, and agility.

Depends on what level of running capacity we're talking about... If the limit is set by sheer exhaustion after a limited distance, anything that enhances the general condition should help (taking walks, cycling, rowing, digging...), but if it's about muscle or joint pain, or acquiring a very high speed, you may have to start with running techniques, shoes, training certain muscle groups, diets etc etc. More info about the case in hand may help you get better suggestions.
In this article, well address what I consider to be the critical training components that are a part of every successful speed development program to increase running speed.

1. dynamic warm up
2. improving coordination
3. improving flexibility
The three elements are all important supplements to any speed training program. However, at the end of the day, improving any athletes ability to run as fast as they can is dependent on one thing: training fast. >>>>> The only way to run faster is to practice running at full speed. <<<<<

Not sure bike riding addresses the above 3 goals toward faster running.
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Q: Does bike riding slow ur speed down in quickness like running? Will bike running still let u keep ur normal running speed? And also any type of running will make u faster right? But if u ride a bike will it still have the same results(help make u run faster or will it slow u down in running?)?
A: A bike would improve your leg strength and endurance a lot more than running will. Giving you more powerful legs.

Q: i just wondering if riding my bike will increase my running speed.
A-1: Kind of. Your legs will get stronger and that will let you run faster but running faster will get you tired faster too.
A-2: It won't necessarily increase your running speed, but it will make your legs stronger. Keep in mind that you have to ride a bike I believe triple the distance to equal what a run would.
A-3: Riding a bike will not increase your running speed. With running you use more of your hamstring and quads compared to riding a bike where you use mostly hip muscles. The movements that your body goes through in each a also differ as riding a bike has a more circular motion and running involves a lifting motion. But as others stated, your cardiovascular capasity will increase which can aid in becoming faster by helping you not tire out as quickly!
A-4: I'm pretty sure it is helpful, I have personally experienced it.
At one point of time in my life I was doing 20min 5Kers, after one year of no training(running) I managed a 18:22 5Ker. In between the two races I did a lot of cycling(a few 100Kers)
Athletes preparing for marathons, do cycling as a cross training activity. When you cycle you use a set of muscles different from what you use while running. So cycling will ensure the muscles in your legs grow proportionately. But I dont think cycling is best way to improve one's speed.
A-5: In my experience, after many years of training, the answer is no. What it will do, however, is increase your stamina and your ability to run longer.
Cycling never helped me with speed.  Gave aerobic conditioning with less stress during injury.  Allowed me to maintain a base level of fitness for a week or two while easing back into full workouts.

Best methods for building speed:
--hill running (strength sprints uphill, overpace running downhill)
--pace change (fartlek)
--retro (running backwards)
--line running (for track)

Retro workouts are excellent for balance, strength, and line running (on a track).  Best to do it with a partner running forward to spot traffic.  You'd be surprised how fast you can run.  You can get up to their race pace or faster once they learn balance and handling the turns.

Line running makes a difference on the oval.  Each lap/lane is up to 5 meters advantage by sticking to the inside line versus the outside line.  Races are won and lost by getting off line.  Jog slowly (recovery) on the straights.  Build up speed to a full sprint on the transition (middle of the curve).  Footfalls should be exactly placed at the line without covering the paint.  Acceleration will help you spot your foot position.  Keep your head looking down during the buildup to assure you are not hitting the line.

What kind of running are you training for?  Road races are different than track.  Cross-country is a different beast.  Specialized races like mud/trail or sand require different techniques.

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