vmware driver unsigned

i've installed vmware 1.07 over a windows 2008 enterprise x64.
vmware run only if i press F8 at boot  selecting skip unsigned drivers
i need to run vmware without press F8 at boot

someone can help me

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Its an issue with 64-Bit version of Windows Server 2008.
Only 32-Bit versions of Windows Server 2003 and 2008 accept unsigned drivers.
Can you explain this in a little more detail?
All versions of software your reporting need to be listed?
GionatanCorsoAuthor Commented:
the system:
Server HP Proliant 350ML
4x146Gb SAS DISK in raid 5 + hot spare

OS Host:
windows 2008 Enterprise Edition x64
vmware GSX server 1.07

OS vm1:
windows 2008 standard edition x32

if the system boot normally vmware doesn't work (it doesn't run the driver of virtual network because is unsigned)

if i press the F8 at boot and select "skip unsigned drivers" vmware works fine

i don't find a solutions for unpress F8 at boot...


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You should download VMware Server 2.0 and throw away the GSX (old and dead). VMware Server is free!
GionatanCorsoAuthor Commented:
i've tried to do that

i've tried to install vmware 2.0 but it doen't work
a new virtual machine doesn't run: blocked at 95%

i've tried with new virtual machine and a ready virtual machine... the same... doesn't work!!!

Re-install your OS, soumds like there are some underlying issues. Be sure to install without the Hypervisor in 2008.
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