Printer dialog hangs in Office 2003.

I have an install of Office 2003 SP3 that when I go to print, it just hangs. The dialog box comes up in 1-3 minutes on average. It is mainly happening in Publisher and Outlook. I have cleared all temp files. I have ran revo uninstaller to reinstall the suite. I have even reinstalled the 2 network printers on the machine. Any help would be great, I've not been able to find any solutions anywhere else.
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Do you have adobe acrobat installed on the machine?

My guess is there's extreme latency connecting to one of the printers you've got listed, not only network, but also all the printers created by software like Acrobat and even the standard windows document writer.

If you can't find evidence of any network related latency, remove the printer, right click in the printers window (in a blank space on the local machine), click server properties, click driver, remove the printer driver for the printers you use in your enterprise, then reconnect to the printer (drivers will re-download if needed).

Also, does it happen for all users?  Do you have roaming profiles turned on?

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Any update on this?
LanMan6401Author Commented:
Acrobat is not installed on the computer. I have removed all printers not needed by the user.  It is happening for all users. I am going to try the solution you posted, it's just not been on the top of my list of things to fix this week...
I know the feeling!  I'll check back in a few days, but hopefully it works for you.
LanMan6401Author Commented:
This seems to have solved the issue. I also went with the pcl6 drivers instead of the pcl5. Not sure if that helped, but the printer dialog box pops right up after I tell it to print. Thanks a ton.
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