Laptop boots to POST then blank screen - Odd

Cannot say I've ever seen this before.  I have a laptop here that boots to the POST screen, I can go into BIOS menus, etc. but as soon as I try to boot from the hard drive, cd-rom drive or floppy drive I get a blank screen.  Everything looks good in the BIOS menus... all driver recognized... I tried resetting to defaults... no change.

This laptop has had, and is still having, problems with the ac-jack... it needs to be re-soldered. If I hold it at the right angle... I get power. So maybe a short developed at a time and excess voltage caused a problem.

Anyways... never seen this before.  Corrupt BIOS-ROM? Isn't that typically an all or nothing thing?  

I've tried external monitor... no luck there.
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"Press F8 when "black screen menu" appears to see more options. Then select Disable Restart on Error. It will be there if you have SP2 or later."
TercestisiAuthor Commented:
I cannot... it never loads from the hard drive... nor from the CD-ROM drive... it blacks out before then.
TercestisiAuthor Commented:
To clarify:

This is *not* a Windows problem... same thing would be happening even if GNU/Linux was on the hdd; this is a hardware problem of some sort.
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You may try and remove either the CD-rom and try booting from the hard drive or vise versa.  I had a Panasonic toughbook that wouldn't boot anything then I removed the CD-ROM and it worked.  Very strange problem.  If I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have believed it.  Just a thought on what you may try.  It could be getting hung on the IDE Controller.  You may indeed have bad components on the motherboard that aren't causing complete failure just limited failure.  Good Luck HTH.

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You also might want to try different RAM.  This can cause problems like that as well.
try another disk drive to boot from (even an old one with only dos - you can make this easily)
what i mean is : it can be the disk, or cd interface that blocks your system.
you can also try to boot with disk or cd removed
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