How-to Launch a Popup Window to another webpage

Hello Folks,

I've been working on this issue for several days and I have tried all sort of code snippets but so far nothing is working, it really shouldn't be this difficult to launch a popup window from a transparent button within Adobe Captivate 3.

Here's what I've tried so far:

I've also tried"index.html","windowName","menubar=no,address=no,width=1024,height=825,toolbar=no");

and this:

I am also trying a different approach by only setting a variable with the button and doing the rest on the webpage side of it. I am settting a variable on the button like this:

and then writing a function to inside the webpage that I got from an example I saw on the web that uses the Super Mario Brothers...

Adobe Captivate doesn't go a very good job with its Javascript support for buttons. Here is the function I am adding to the head section of the HTML page that Captivate creates after publishing the content:

                  function identify(person){
                        var feedback = document.getElementById("feedback");
                  case "launch_course" :"index.html","UDDI Webservices","menubar=no,address=no,width=1024,height=825,toolbar=no");
                  case "launch_navigation" :"navigation.html","How To Navigate This Course","menubar=no,address=no,width=1024,height=825,toolbar=no");

So far nothing but bad luck with what I've tried so far....any ideas?

Thank you,

Milo Dodds
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maybe it's your switch statement...make sure person is being passed...use alert(person) and in other places where you think the problem may be occurring...
did you try onclick:
<input type="button" value="Go to page" onclick='"index.html","windowName","menubar=no,address=no,width=1024,height=825,toolbar=no");'/>

Open in new window

"So far nothing but bad luck with what I've tried so far....any ideas?"

Sure, try what you are doing, including above comments OUTSIDE of adobe captiva.  If you find they work, then you have to suspect some particular quirk in the adobe software -- which would hardly be surprising
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Milo_DoddsAuthor Commented:
Yes I am thinking that this is a Captivate issue and not really a Javascript issue. I got a hold of some code from another website dedicated to e-learning and I am testing out various examples. It appears that the author's solution uses Captivate in just setting a variable once the button is clicked and the rest is being done via the Javascript sitting in the .html page. What complicates matters is that there are quite a few other Javascript functions written that support the AICC communication back to the learning management system that is used to track completion of the course content...I suspect this code might be making it extra difficult in making my function operate. I was thinking the same approach, start with something easier and then start adding the complexity of other pieces to find where things are breaking. This is the divide/conquer approach to basic troubleshooting 101. I will keep you all posted on when I get this thing figured out. Thanks for the support so least I know what my next step ought to be.
"start with something easier and then start adding the complexity of other pieces to find where things are breaking. This is the divide/conquer approach to basic troubleshooting 101"

Yes, but that is an awful lot of work for you.   I would suggest you contact the people who make this e-learning software and tell them the problem.  Also tell they you don't have time to "discover" all the gotchas and problems in their software -- it could take you months -- tell them to have their lead developer call you and sort it out.  Otherwise you can grow old and gray trying to reverse engineer their debacle !!

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Milo_DoddsAuthor Commented:
Ok I figured it out....the code I was using also needs to have the swfObject.js included in a directory called scripts. Once I added this and the calls to it then things work on my simple sample (a simple Captivate file and a single click box). I am sure this is the issue because I was having the same problem with my simple example as I was having with my real I am going to go back to the real code and make the changes. Thanks everyone for your help. I am going to give "Scrathboy" the solution since his was the closest thing to the right answer...but I really appreciate everyone's help and maybe I can return the favor someday....ask me about accessibility support and compliance...I've got more knowledge there.
Milo_DoddsAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the encouragement and helping me down the right troubleshooting path. I finally got my answer by breaking the problem into smaller testable pieces.

I ran into a similar issue. I have used the following code which has allowed a button to open a new pop-up window with content without redirecting the parent page"","windowName","menubar=no,address=no,width=1024,height=825,toolbar=no");void(0)

be sure to have the target set to current.

Hope this helps

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