Create Public Folder 'bookmark'?


We are running Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2007.

We use Public Folders for meetings rooms, team calenders etc. They are organised in the hierarchy of Country > Business Unit > Dept > Group > Team.

This makes it rather cumbersome if I want to check my team's calendar as I have to drill down quite a few levels.

Is there anyway to 'bookmark' it, so I can view with one click if opening Outlook for the first time?
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Hi kam_uk,

It should on your left hand side panel... Under mail. Try this...Go to "Go" on your outlook main menu and click on "Mail".

It should give you the favorite folder...

Good luck.


I think you may try add your "Team" folder into Favorites folder. In outlook 2003 You can easily do this by going to Country > Business Unit > Dept > Group > Team and right click on the "Team" subfolder and add it to Favorites. Try it in 2007 and see if it works.
kam_ukAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I can add it as a favourite but then how do I view favourites?
kam_ukAuthor Commented:
any idea?
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