i have applied a group policy to an ou (remove games of pc's) but policy does not apply to objects

I have applied a group policy to an ou (to remove games of pc's)
I have applied this on AD user accounts and not computer accounts
The poilicy does not apply to objects, please assist?
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ablsysadminConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi xxdcmast, all what you suggested was done and tested
Joseph DalyCommented:
Have you ran GPupdat /force on the clients machines a few times?

Have you rebooted the machines a couple times?

Does the group policy show on the client machine if you type gpresult?

Is the policy linked to the OU for the users?

Does the policy have the enforce check mark checked?

Does authenticated user have read access to the policy in GPMC.msc?
Joseph DalyCommented:
the first line should read

Have you ran "GPupdate /force" on the clients machines a few times?
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