Will exchange server 2000 still work when the DC is upgraded to windows 2003 server with AD?

I have a Windows 2000 server.  It runs Exchange 2000.  It is also a DC.

I would like to install a 2nd server that runs Windows 2003 server.  I would then downgrade the 2000/Exchange server and make the 2nd server the DC.  The 2nd server would be running AD.

If I do this, will Exchange still work properly?

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bcrosby007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Demoting a server with Exchange 2000 is not supported or reccomended. You may run into a raft of trouble. I would reccomend bringing up the new 2003 server and transferring the FSMO roles over to it, but leave the original 2000 box as a DC until you can retire that box.

Also, make sure you make teh new 2003 box a Global Catalog server as well...
If you use the Active Directory Migration Tool, and leave Exchange on the 2000 Server, I think you'll be fine.
It is a very risky proposition.... Expecially when IIS comes into play.
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