Seperating data and phones using VLANS when PC's use IP phone for their network connection

Posted on 2008-10-31
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
Currently 50% of users are obtaining a network connection to their PC's from the network port on the IP 2002 phone due to lack of network ports. Currently we have only one subnet (.0) which runs the data and phone system.

To increase performance we would like to seperate the phone from the .0 subnet to it's own subnet, say .3 using VLANS. I suppose my main question is how to configure the BCM and switches to achieve this whilst allowing PC's connecting via the phone to obtain data from the .0 subnet?

I have read a bit on ADAC which seems to create a Voice VLAN, but need to know that PC's can still operate on the .0 subnet. The core switch will be a HP Procurve 2610 with 3 VLANS, and they will be use tagging so they an be spread to the Nortel switches.

Hope I've made sense of what we're trying to achieve, any advice and details would be greatly appreciated.

Question by:rdswaddi
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by:Reid Palmeira
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so figure vlan 1 for data, corresponding to the 192.168.0.X subnet (or whatever you're using..

vlan 3 for voice correspondin to the 192.168.3.x /24 subnet for voice (so you're phones tag for vlan 5 and some class of service for voice quality at L2

what's the third vlan for? network management? something else?

on the procurve each switch port would be setup as a VLAN trunk so your phones tag for the specific voice VLAN and any untagged traffic from the computers go onto the trunk's native vlan for data access.  keep in mind your LAN router also needs to setup multiple networks to handle the subnets that you want to correspond to each VLAN. so you'll need a and a IP assigned to the LAN side of your router to handle traffic from the phones and the computers, perform NAT, DHCP (if you're using it), etc.

under your switch configuration, to go port/trunk settings and Edit
you can setup port based VLANs if you have some of the switch ports that only have computers plugged into them or only have phones plugged into them.

in some cases, I don't think the Nortel BCM's are one, but in some cases, the Spanning Tree Protocol setup may conflict with an IP phone trying to get a DHCP address or request a configuration on boot up so you may have to setup the link as a spanning tree edgeport or set it into portfast mode.

check the HP manuals for reference or postback if you want a more detailed walk through on the config.

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Thnak rpalmeira22,

Basically there are 3 switches, one pocurve 2610 and two Nortel Baystacks (1 x 460 and 1 x 470, both PoE). So users who obtain their data port from the IP 2002 phone, will be plugged into the Nortel switches only, as this provdes Power to the phone as well.

So I will have tagged vlans between the swtches. But I'm confused how the Nortel switches provide both Phone and Data traffic to the phone and then onto the PC (from the data port on the phone) over the one port conenction and how this is configured.  I do see Voice and Data VLAN options on the phones setup as well.

i hope that makes more sense.

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ah ok, so what you're doing is creating a vlan trunk (802.1q is the standard that appplies) this lets traffic from multiple VLAN's use the same physical port. the phone itself will tag voice and signalling traffic to be on one vlan (say vlan 5 or whatever) so that all the traffic to and from the phones will use that vlan. anything coming through the PC's will not have a VLAN tag on it. so the switch ports would need to be configured to use what's call the 'native vlan' or 'access vlan' which would be say vlan 1 so any PC traffic would use vlan 1 and any voice traffic would use vlan 5 over the same physical port. this means configuring individual switch ports.

the actual syntax to configure the switch ports may vary a little between make/model and firmware versions but on the procurve boxes, if they aren't going to have phones plugged into them, you won't need to setup the vlan trunking there anyway, just on the nortel boxes. nortel has support guides on how to do this here:

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