Remote Desktop not working

It's a Dell workstation, brand new, with Windows XP Pro SP3. We've enabled remote desktop and it's not working, but moreover when you try to connect to it you don't get the normal error, it just does nothing. The RDP client just flashes back the prompt asking for the computer name/IP.
We've turned off the firewall, make sure there was no other "trial" software that may be blocking it.
Verified that terminal services was running under "services.msc".
Verified it's listening for RDP connections via "netstat -a"
I even changed the listening port to see if that helped and it did nothing. I did some googling and found this page -
which describes how to add something that SP3 took out by default, that didn't help either.
I'm kind of at a lose here, I have no clue what to do next. From all accounts the computer is set up right and listening for RDP connections, and when you try to connect to it you don't get the normal error as if remote desktop wasn't enabled. I even double checked this by turning off remote desktop and trying to RDP to it, I get the normal error.  Turn it back on and no error, but also no remote desktop.

Any help is appreciated.
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AlexandreAmantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is your brand new Dell having any fancy hardware ?  That would cause XP to accept the RDP, but actually something somehow in the hardware (I think of the display adapter possibly ?) would prevent RDP from actually working, hence you don't get an error message, but it won't work ?

Have you tried to install VNC ?  And check if this will work ?  It might be a lead to the problem/solution...
Have you tried connecting from several machines to the one with remote desktop access ?
Hi js479,

Try to disable the firewall service and the IPSEC service. That should do the trick.

Let me know.

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Did you check your router to make sure you got all the correct ports open?
Are you sure your LAN admin allows remote desktop connections ?
js479Author Commented:
To AlexandreAm - Yes, we tried from several machines, same exact results.

To JoWickerman - I turned both services off and no dice, I didn't reboot yet but will try in a few.

To gzarnick - Didn't even get that far yet, I'm still trying to get internal RDP to work first. Once internal works, external is a breeze :)

To AlexandreAm& - I assume by LAN admin you mean a person and not a program and if so that's me. I'm the IT guy and I have plenty of experience doing this stuff. This one just has me stumped, which is why I came here. To consult the experts :)

I'm gonna do a reboot to see if JoWickerman's solution works.
js479Author Commented:
No dice on the reboot :(
js479Author Commented:
No special hardware, just a plain jane Dell Optiplex 755.

We took one of these machines, installed XP Pro with SP2 and it works fine. But they came from Dell with SP3 so I don't believe we can uninstall SP3. And even upgrading to SP3 everything is fine, it just seems to be the machines that came from Dell with SP3 preinstalled that have this issue.
js479Author Commented:
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