BSOD ever since I used Belkin F5D8053 N Draft Adapter

Hi Experts,
I have been banging my head on a wall of late..  I built my own gaming machine, and it works a beaut running Vista 64 Ulitamate.

I was using a 10m Ethernet Cabel to connected me to my router, then I decided to go for the New up and coming Wireless format N Draft to get rid of the pesky cable leading out of one room across the hall way and into another.

I purchased the F5D8053 N Draft Adapter (which came with the Belkin Router) and since then, my computer has been throwing hissy fits.  Between Blue Screen of death's and the computer freezing up and screen going blank.

To add to that the data corruption rate is rediculous... If i attempted to download a file more than say... 5MB Im garunteed that file will be corrupt.  I also have a Mac... which connects wirelessley (legacy device) to the belkin router, no problems at all (as I have come to expect from my Mac)

Event Log is no help at all.  Virus Scans, Hijack this, AdAware, Spyware, Diskchk, uninstall reinstall nothign seems to work.

Even attmepting to load the router page it self is causing the browser (both IE and Safari on the Vista machine) to load the page with errors.  showing sauce code rather than the graphics.

I have opened the case and put everythign back together to make sure that its not a lose connection... no effect.  Belkin only have the drivers that came with the CD and their support forums are no help.  To add to this other reseller sites have had customer reviews saying that hey are getting BSOD's witht his piece of crap as well.

I downloaded the Debugger from Microsoft but get symbol errors when running the MEMORY file, the symbol file is 217MB long so no chance that will download succesfully (I tried 3 times)

If you require any further info please ask, but im desperatly wanting to get this fixed.

thanks for you help


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Attach latest debug file to a comment -- rename to a .txt extension. We'll take a look at it.

Try changing PCI slots with your wireless card. You may have an IRQ conflict with another device. You can view Resources by Connection in Device manager to see which devices are using what IRQs. A NIC (wireless or wired) cannot share an IRQ, it must have exclusive access to the interrupt.

It would be best to remove card, reboot, shutdown, and then reinstall card in another slot. Reset ESCD in BIOS if that is an option in BIOS.
baptistblokeAuthor Commented:
ok will do that whens i get back to my computer.... in a bout an hour or so.

the nic is a USB stick rather than a PCI card :-(
In that case, I'd recommend you install a PCI card adapter. From what I've seen, USB thumb drive size wireless adapters are not reliable.
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baptistblokeAuthor Commented:
ok problem.... the file is 301MB big...  (MEMORY file in C:\Windows)

Uploading that will, guaranteed, be corrupt.
Sorry, I meant minidump file, not debug file. Minidumps are small files.
baptistblokeAuthor Commented:
there ya go...

Thanks for the help

That minidump was created in March and is rather dated. Error was caused by WoW and resulted in a DirectX error.
baptistblokeAuthor Commented:
Hmm strange....  it says it was the most recent on my system....

I done a manual search and found some more... here are the 4 most recent dmp files

hopefully from these 4 we will spot a theme for the crashes.
More better files.

BSOD is caused by netr28ux.sys which is the driver for your wireless adapter.

Install updated driver on Belkin web site.

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baptistblokeAuthor Commented:
Hi Will,

thanks for your help on isolating the file causing the problem, as a result of your advise I have gone out and purchases another belkin USB adapter of the same model, just version 3(vista 64bit), where as before it was version 1 (vista 24bit only).  Darta corruption is next to gone and im betting that BSOD will bugger off to.

Have the points.

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